Sword Art Online Dub

Sword Art Online

Genres: action, adventure, fantasy, romance
Plot Summary: In the near future, a Virtual Reality Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (VRMMORPG) called Sword Art Online has been released where players control their avatars with their bodies using a piece of technology called Nerve Gear. One day, players discover they cannot log out, as the game creator is holding them captive unless they reach the 100th floor of the game’s tower and defeat the final boss. However, if they die in the game, they die in real life. Their struggle for survival starts now…

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40 Responses to “Sword Art Online”

  1. Who Random says:

    Best anime i ever see!!!!!

  2. Unit says:

    a must see for any anime lover

  3. Pat says:

    Simply one of the best I’ve ever seen, if you like this you’ll also like accel world

  4. your mom says:

    I love this anime. Spent all night watching it! Its just amazing… :D

  5. Bambii says:

    Bambii was here…

  6. Not Bambii says:

    I loved this anime, it was so good. I wish they kept it going just a little bit longer, now I’m all depressed and stuff:[ I also wished they kept up a lot of good animes <-< I think… It's a… Conspiracy………

  7. xX KIRITO Xx says:

    love this show i wish it didnt end so early but still the must see fore anime lovers

    • Dialdron says:

      Well, you do know about the second season that they are working on and have already made the first short trailer about, right?

    • Sarah says:

      They did not end it season 2 will be in 2015 I can’t wait because they are going to play a game called (Gun Glad Online) it will be with guns :)

  8. Blakhawk11 says:

    reminds me alot of .hack but i loved that series and i absolutely love this one was very sad and heart broken when both series ended wishing they would really make games like this and would gladly give up 2 yrs of my life to live in a game like that lol but its been a great series needs to have a season 3 with all of them fighting bosses in the different worlds now

  9. akira says:

    the shows not over I hear they’re thinking about making another season considering it got such high ratings the website I found this out is http://www.swordart-online.net/

  10. SwordArtOnlineFan says:

    Honestly, after watching this anime i have a new profound understanding of love and how wonderful it can be. Listening to the theme song, which is “crossing field”, can turn my rainy day into a bright new sunny day. After many months, this anime still ranks #1 of of the countless anime i have watched over the years, closely followed by #2 Death Note. When i talk to friends who have never heard of SAO, i immediately recommend they watch this anime because if they do not they will be missing out tremendously. PLEASE take the time to watch every single episode, pulled an all-nighter to finish it…

    When i got to the last episode i wish it wouldn’t have ended but sadly it did :(

    Please watch it and enjoy ever moment of it.

  11. inuruto says:

    Greatest anime in the history of the universe

  12. Kirito says:

    Needs another season.

  13. Joseph says:

    Its done sword art online 2 is planned!!!! :)
    if you don’t want to click the link just search sword art online 2

    • K.O.H. says:

      techinically its not sword art online 2 for it’s name is Gun Gale online you can find and varify this by checking it on the wiki and youtube and reading the light novel which it is based on.

      • Operation Daydream says:

        Well the name of the game is Gun Gale Online, but the series itself is being called Sword Art Online II. It doesn’t really make much sense, but Kirito is still going to be using a sword that closely resembles a lightsaber from Star Wars. On a side note, they made him look like a girl which kind of upsets me.

        • Venny says:

          They have a point to making his avatar look like a chick, which you can either read about in the Light Novels or just wait and find out. Bottom line it, there is a point to it so no need to be mad about it. Also, The may try to cover more than just Gun Gale in the next season, which could be where sword art online 2 comes from. The arc after GGO is long so I can see them needing more than one season for it.

          • Nuke says:

            I’m gonna be waiting a long time for Alicination (or whatever that arc was called.) Assuming they make it that far. :/

  14. Ace says:

    I love this anime so dramatic and romance so cute and also Kirito and Asuna will their love reach even if their is a second season.

  15. Alexsan says:

    For those who are waiting for season two… episode 1 and 2 are online!! ;) search for sword art online 2! not Gun Gale Online.. English sub only

  16. Ike says:

    I hope they make more this is the best anime on the planet
    one million/10

  17. K1wiDemon says:

    Does anyone know when season two comes out dubbed. Its such a great series and i recommend it to all!

  18. jayjayt says:

    awesome i love this!

  19. jayjayt says:

    damn i like the music this anime is awesome when is the next dub?
    yeah com on season 3 and 4 lol

  20. jayjayt says:

    why did they make it short on season one it was only up to episode 10
    woudlve been more awesome if they made more episodes
    idk they shoudlve…authour mustve suck or he/she must be planning another season?!
    who agrees?

  21. Blarblar says:

    When is the English dub for SAO 2 going to be out?

  22. shawn says:

    love this anime

  23. Max says:

    There must be more… Give us more…

  24. Sword-art-online says:

    SAO 2 IS DUBBED : )

  25. Feldo says:

    What are some more anime series like SAO? I need to know!!!! XD

  26. FakkinUp says:

    Probably the 2nd best anime, asuna’s voice actor, cherami, is normally a great voice actor but in this series she blew it away. Also Kirito’s Voice actor, Bryce, isn’t that well known for much more than Attack on Titan and this but him and Cherami are just a great combo. Love to watch this anime over. Season 2 has been released not going to lie will let you down compared to this but still a great show overall!

  27. SAO fans says:

    The Best Anime of all time is Sword Art Online :D

  28. courtney says:

    dudes sao sword art online has another season duh!!!!! its sao season to where kirito has to to go into gun gale onlie ggo where he has to cathc an old sao surviver

  29. I love SAO says:

    This is the best anime, I love it so much. SAO is my favorite anime of all time. SAO season 2 is already released in dub, it is also very good and awesome. Can’t wait for SAO season 3!!! XD

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