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47 Responses to “Sword Art Online Episode 25”

  1. Taco says:

    love it alot

    • Sonny says:

      Makes you kinda wish the technology existed, being able to transfer your consciousness to a world of unlimited fantasy & possibility, without all the death & rape Bull S***.

      • Kazuto says:

        Ikr! Even better when you have the main character’s name :L

        • Random Guy says:

          The oculus rift is being upgraded. I have sources in the gaming industry. They’re going to add hand motion sensors on it so you can play with your own hands in game. You play and see your own hands digitaly produced in the game or how ever you want it. And the technology applied in the Kinekt is also being added into that. Sensors everywhere and blablabla.


  2. Who Random says:

    My life has been accomplished XD

  3. Who Random says:

    Can i get a hooray

  4. dude says:

    WOW! Life has been completed.

  5. LoveIt says:

    That was such a good series, I loved it ^-^ I wished Kirito started his own virtual gaming industry and not allowed a billion others to make it but still, gotta love the SAO

  6. Deathman128 says:

    Can’t wait for Gun Gale Online

  7. John says:

    absolutely amazing :) hopefully game can be played like that someday :)

  8. Joseph says:

    now lets hope that they make some episodes for the other volumes as well only 4 have been covered out of the 12

  9. souto says:

    if you liked the show watch .hack this was just a rip off of it anyway and .hack has a better more fluid store and no asuna

  10. Zero says:

    I just fell in love with SAO

  11. seca619 says:

    This was a good anime. Hopefully there will be a season 3.

  12. chris says:

    im looking forward to the 3rd season, “Gun Gale Online” its gonna be epic, ill post a release date when I find one, but it is coming :D

  13. Philip Salyers says:

    I loved it so much 1 of the best!

  14. Chuck says:

    Awesome series but, does anyone know what Kirito was supposed to be saying at the end, since there was no audio for it?

    I was assuming it was something like that girl said to him before she died “thank you” or some such thing, but don’t really know for sure with the expressions of the two girls to what ever he said before he audibly said lets go and they flew off

  15. Relahvant says:

    I love this anime so much I’ve watched it 6 times and I still love it I can’t wait until gun gale online comes out

  16. gkh28 says:

    OH MAN THAT WAS GOOD!!! I loved this anime, had to be one of the most epic animes i’ve watched! It hurt my feels, made me mad, made me laugh, just made me want to experience a virtual world myself! First chance I ever get I’m getting one of the machines like a nervegear! I just hope I don’t get stuck inside a death trap were I could die in real life as well :P

    • Salazar says:

      Its not as far as you think. Well ok, maybe the nerve gear / full body interaction but they have such devices like the Oculus VR system that is in my opinion the best so far out of what I’ve seen.

      This is cited from

      scientifically, it is possible to put a person into a videogame, but that requires dangerous cords and needles being placed into nerve endings and the spine which would costs hundreds of thousands of dollars just for the equipment needed to put a single person into a game, since they’d need to be maintained on life support systems. ethically, it’d probably never happen, since the risk of any malfunction to the game would potentially kill any players. from things like a computer error to even a small power surge or even the internet connection being turned off could cause serious damage to any players wearing something like the nerve gear.

      • Ace says:

        Astronauts risk their lives for a once in a lifetime opportunity. Sounds like my way of going out in style while contributing to the community i love forever.

  17. Fulminata says:

    Just saying, for everyone here waiting for “Season 3″ you guys do realize there was only one season. They counted ALFheim and SAO as one season.

  18. Madgod56 says:

    Almost as good as Black Butler.

  19. Shameka420 says:

    Omg I love this show so much I gotta watch this again some other time but best ending I seen yet and also I gotta say I wish our world had technology like “nerve gear” it would be so awesome and kit to is so cool and i like the way he’s so determined to go for what was on his mind and I hope they make another season to it cause that would be like my dream for that to come true. BUT IN ALL the best thing ever invented to be watched like not going to lie to you guys that are watching it, it’s the best thing that ever happened to me, I really do wish SAO was real and that nerve gear and all :3

  20. Matthew says:

    Over all this show made me cry even. Looking forward to them hopefully making Sao for the rift.

  21. Ria says:

    Only one thing to say, now and throughout the entire series;

  22. Alexsan says:

    For those who are waiting for season 2.. episodes 1 and 2 are online!! :) jap only with english sub of course..

  23. ilyas says:

    A cant wait for the nexf season xD

  24. Miasimon says:

    …now I want more…
    I must leave to consult with the Almighty Monster of Indeterminate Shape, Google.

  25. Deaon Venor says:

    The only thing I would change if it was real… Sorry not quite ready to die yet… Waiting to see if some company makes a VR like this… Better be before 2025…

  26. Darion says:

    They need to add more episodes. It was the best u have ever seen.

  27. anon223123 says:

    The end so nostalgic

  28. Michael says:

    So moving!!!!!!!!! Above average!!!!!!!! & the music is to kill for!

  29. Josh says:

    Is there a website where i can whatch season 2? and if so can i have a link?

  30. animenut says:

    um I think when kirito got to alfheim was when season 2 started but I could be wrong

  31. Aaa says:

    Ok so lemme just get this straight. This was only 1 season? So there’s not gonna be a season 3 but 2? I am confused.

  32. Blar_Blar says:

    Happy endings! ;D

  33. John says:

    I don’t understand the ending. Why did he start a new journey with that girl. Isn’t he in love with Asuna?

  34. sevenfold says:

    @John. that’s kirito’s sister “sugo” or idk how to spell it. anyways she wanted him to be with him like brothers n sisters do.

  35. uugh says:

    i can not load this ep…. feel like I have lost a friend

  36. SAO fan says:

    I love this anime so much, SAO is the best anime!

  37. animegirl says:

    and i am left wondering what he said in the end before saying ‘lets go’ to his sister and that other girl. also why didn’t he go with asuna, she wasn’t even included in the end when everyone flew off..

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