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20 Responses to “Sword Art Online Episode 12”

  1. John says:

    i like this episode. not gunna lie, i got the feels..

    • Barker says:

      Agreed! Much feels.

    • joyce says:

      You gotta emotions, I am crying here :’(.
      I’v watched all the episodes in one day, while i acually have to study for my examens, LOL! Gotta say, dem feels were worth is tho! :)
      This is het scond anime i cried, the first one was Spice and Wolf, Haven’t watched that one? Try it!!
      Joyce ;)

  2. wolfkiin666 says:

    My feel goods hurt right now D:

  3. gkh28 says:

    The feels on the bus go round and round!

  4. daniel says:

    I feels everybodys pain, Love the series

  5. unknown says:

    yui use the legendary flamming sword, i hope before she deleted she given that rare item to kirito.

  6. CHILD RAPIST says:

    How useless yui could do anything and she deleted the monster why not an op sword that kill anything inbone hit

  7. Batman says:

    This episode was a great episode It hurt my feel glands alot

  8. Mariel says:

    Totally not crying ;-;

  9. blue says:

    Funny I didn’t feel a thing seen some fucked up shit in my life lol its all a joke 4 me even life it self my dad killed 3 guys in front of me my mom died 2 years ago I’m living with my aunt who doesn’t give a fuck about me even says that I am just some bastared that came to this fucking world by accident but all I do is laugh y because I know that there is no God there is nobody who gives a fuck at the end we all die by ourselves when the time comes I’m not afraid to kill shit I don’t have anything 2 lose what my freedom my life like I said it’s all a joke call me fuck ed but hey truth hurts my eye are drained of tears my mind of fear what do u fear pain it only last a little death is nothing but an endless sleep and some body u love get real that only happens in fairy tales an this is no fairytale it’s life so do something about it hell u hate where u are well guess what many do so do something about it no one matters fuck even my brother is about to die he’s got 3 weeks but he laughs cuz he and I know life nothing but a game and I’m here to win it

    • rainbowunicorn600 says:

      Stop being like that. U act like it’s the end of the world. Nothing can ‘ve worse. Yeah it’s hard. I can’t say I’ve been there. But I promise u. It always gets better. Don’t act like it’s the end. Ppl care for u. There is a GodO. He can’t make ppl act he only lets us in to heaven if we take the right path. Plz its not to late to change. U have to look at the positive. I’m sorry this happened to u. Don’t make it father’s mistake. U can become the person who lifts ppl up. I know that u think I’m just saying bull $h:! But plz it always gets better. And there’s always someone whose off. Take sao for an ex. They r trapped in a world about to die. The live life to the fullest. Yolo so don’t waste it. Plz. Gives virtual hug. I know u think a total stranger could never care . For u. Well I do. Fairy tales r not happily ever after. There about living life. U have to posts in life. Heaven or he’ll. U no the right path. Plz if there is anyone in this world u care about. Get back on the right path. Well that’s all

  10. Johnny says:

    It’s true I agree with you 100%

  11. Summer says:

    Them feels though

  12. someone says:

    i can’t stop crying ;-;

  13. animenut says:

    the only anime I hade real eels at was angel beats but this one came in super close as second

  14. wade says:

    Episode 12, Video Mirror 2, has only the end credits, not a full episode

  15. WarmasterBlade says:

    I am balling for the 12th episode in a row!!!! I am fricking 20 years old. This show is amazing. It can make me do that!

  16. WarmasterBlade says:

    And @rainbow dude I do not belive in a god but I do belive in carma, and she is one mean ass mistress. Hell she is crazier than Missy (if you get the reference please say so in comments.)….any ways, @blue, dude life may be shit and I also am an extreme pessimist and don’t like my life, but dude even I think you need to brighten up man. it can get better, but you can also MAKE it better, you just need to try.


  17. Bigfan says:

    What they should have done, is at the end, done a scene like the bit in the lion king, and they get Uie’s (or how ever you spell it) face in the form of a cloud, and got her to go “Symba,” wait, no, wrong one- they got the Uie cloud, and they made it go “Motherrrr, you must show courage in the battle field!” then just make a parody of Circle of Life, with Asuna holding up Kirito over a cliff.

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