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35 Responses to “Sword Art Online Episode 1”

  1. gracie says:

    The wedsite isn’t that good and you can’t watch anything if you have a chormebook so it sucks.

    • bob says:

      or mayby you do git a beter cpu if you cant whach enething moron

      • Mari says:

        If anything, you’re the moron. You’re spelling every single word wrong, when they are mostly kindergarten words. Don’t call someone a moron when you don’t even know how to spell the word ‘get’, ‘anything’, or ‘maybe’, because then you’re just making a fool of yourself.

        • Angry Cherries says:

          Calm down Mari. I don’t think it matters if anyone is a moron or not. I mean, that person might of typed his or her comment quick because that person wanted to keep watching anime. Oh well, I don’t know for sure, but don’t be mean guys… And another thing. I’m not really a angry cherry. Now I’m off to watch more anime.

  2. MissSinister says:

    or maybe you both should retake English because your illiteracy is annoying.

  3. andrew says:

    watching sword art for the 5th time -_-

  4. yall_nerds says:

    nerds! get out of the basement and get a real job. Get a girl friend and a damn hobby. Also stop jacking off all day. p.s I just think people who watch this are nerds. My boyfriend showed me this website, he is also a nerd. oh yeah you all are nerds.

    • Pasta says:

      There’s nothing wrong with being a ‘nerd’. A nerd is just a smart person, with an intelligent personality. We’re geeks. There’s a difference. ;)

      • lucy says:

        because you watch anime doesn’t make you a nerd a watch anime I got lots of friends and I go to lots of place with then not everyone who watch this is a nerd so stop calling people like that because they watch this you ugly fat bitch

        • lucy says:

          I don’t like this anime im more like in too comedy romance slice of life drama …. so if you think anime is for nerds you should try this ouran hshc , diabolic lovers , kamisama kiss , fruit basket , paradise kiss , vampire knight those anime are not for nerds if this is the first anime you ever watch im so sorry for you
          P.S I posted the first comment I post it before watching this anime so im sorry for that id didn’t meant to call you ugly fat bitch sory for that its my mistake to call you that before watching this anime im sorry for that

    • Judgement says:

      Though the people you described exist it does not mean that everyone who is here is your pathetic definition of a nerd. I myself have a girlfriend and many people i know and talk to online do not ‘jack off all day’. I assume by you commenting on this video that you yourself have watched it and therefore are being extremely hypocritical and should reconsider leaving hurtful and unnecessary messages online, and i would also like to thank you for your concern though it is thoroughly unwanted here and may i just add that while you are recommending the idea of a hobby, i’m hoping you had something more constructive and less petty than leaving hateful and potentially upsetting comments online.We appreciate your visit and wish to speak your opinion but i speak for us all when i say we’d rather you kept your ungodly large mouth shut.
      – Nerds and Geeks

      • Angry Cherries says:

        Well said. I will clap for that.

        • alex says:

          Damn straight….. also I read a comment later about psychoanalysis…I agree why about it being worth it to find out why people come back to these conversations to comment over and over. Also its the internet. Make a comment replying to some dude or chic who said something mean out of ignorance, hate, or just to start a chain of hate for fun. That’s what a comment section is used for. Deal whit it, ignore it, or just don’t read them. Also about Sao, the boss battles have sound tracks that are epic even if it sounds like their singing about gaming snacks. Coffee soda toffee pasta.give me coffeeeeeeee.
          Last I’m sure everyone here has a life because the fat guy with no life living in his mothers basement is rather rare in real life.Ps.name the YouTuber who said I quoted about this anime’s boss battles for 100 points.watch your anime and have a good time

          • alex says:

            Sorry about the misspelling.a few were caught late because I typed it all rather fast.again name the YouTube for 100 points.watch your anime and have fun.don’t hate for any reason.

    • Brianna says:

      Wow! You really are a stupid bitch. Can you really not think of a better insult than a nerd? Watching anime isn’t a job so I don’t see how you can say “get a real job.” “Stop jerking off all day” I don’t have a dick so you just stereotyped all anime lovers to be guys that’s sexist. I’m pretty sure you are the worst girlfriend ever it seems to me that you hate “nerds” and you said your boyfriend is a nerd so why would you date him? You are a dumb ass whore who must be lonely if you actually took your time to get on here and post something.

      • Angry Cherries says:

        And you Banana! … I mean, Brianna… hehe. Anyways, He never said anything that rude on people! He just said that how he as a girlfriend and how he is in fact a nerd. Sheesh, you don’t have to get angry. Let me put it this way. Your a angry banana, and I am a happy cherry… I really don’t know why I put my name as a angry cherry though. Ha, I’m still laughing at your name. It really feels like it should be “Banana” instead of “Brianna”. Bye, and cheers!

    • SithLordNinja says:

      Nerd? nah I prefer the term ‘Intellectual Badass’ ^.^

  5. warrior says:

    this is the best anime ever

  6. ya mum says:

    you should watch this

  7. Isabelle says:

    Y’all motherfuckers need Jesus. Can’t we just get along? Honestly. If we’re even on this website we have things in common.

    • Angry Cherries says:

      Oh now I’m a angry cherry! I despise anyone who puts swear words and Jesus together! I will curse the person who typed this comment and I hope that worm dies before I get my hands on him! If I do manage to reach her in her life spam. Then she will never see the daylight as long as I live!

  8. :] says:

    Its okay everyone, everyone has their opinions and if you don’t like them just ignore them

  9. Kirito says:

    Watched it for the 15th. Still happy like Happy cherry.

  10. Derpy Hooves Be Liek says:

    eh this anime is fine and all but I don’t really like it …. in the middle of it my mind was like (TOOOOO DEEEEPPP WAYYYYYY TOOOOO DEEEEPPPP THIS ANIME IS WAY DEEP) and im just like ~pauses the viedo~ TO DEEP ! im more of an how you say … I like action romance comedy also action ! I love action but it has to be really funny and its gotta be a herem or reverse herem …. like have u seen infinite stratos I mean like that dude has a bewbie buffet and doent know it its like all the guys wanna be him all the girls wanna be with him ! … oh wait im doing it again going off topic .. heh silly me any way…. I like it but not really for me but I like the consept plot of it ^-^





    yas I am kinda weird don’t judge !

    hmph idiots (JUST KIDDIN’);3

  11. M says:

    So you are calling us nerds for watching a CARTOON (I use that term loosely) and we have all watched cartoons which means we are all nerds which means we are normal? Secondly, I don’t have a basement and thirdly, *****, I bet you have masturbated at least once in your life so you are a HUGE hypocrite.

    So what have we learned, kids? That we are all nerds in our own way (and I’m not talking to people specifically here) so that insult is equivalent to saying,”You’re a DOODYHEAD! I bid you farewell.

    • aB Inspire says:

      if anyone is a nerd then they can answer this:

      Is weird normal or is normal weird.

      in case you don’t know and just so you don’t waste your life trying to find the answer it’s a paradox aka it is UNANSWERABLE

  12. WarmasterBlade says:

    I know I am a bit late to coment about this nerd thing but nerds and geeks rule. You should respect us, because we are some of the most loving people in the world. (Yes there are some exceptions) but, most are kind and nice. I am personally a much nicer person online than off because if I can pick and choose who I am online with. I can’t choose who I am offline with at school. I am just stuck with the same people. So please be nice to us. We don’t hate you.

    One badass gamer nerd

  13. WarmasterBlade says:

    I am a nerd and proud


    yes I can’t spell : /

  14. rngnerd says:

    You guess are fuckin (yes I ment fuckin not fucking) crazy stop calling people nerds stop replying to the dumb ass who called you a nerd (I no I’m being hypicriticalby responding) you are giving them power just let it be i they want to act idiotic let them be proud of who you are even if your a nerd.
    PS: you all are crazy niggas
    PSPS: I’m black sorry for the rasict comment don’t hate me

  15. Entertained says:

    This is the funniest thing ever! I wanted to look into a new anime and I come across an even better dialog! The best part is how people who are the most critical and insulting are the ones to come back to this site specifically to prove that they have no life!
    Not to say that some of the arguments are not valid, however, none of you know each other and will likely never meet. Why you care so much about the opinions of strangers in a digital space is truly intriguing; something worthy of psychoanalysis.

  16. Ciel Lover=BlackButler‚ô• says:

    I love sword art and I love black butler!!!! WHICH ONE HEEEEEELP!

  17. animegirl says:

    omg this looks awesome.

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