Sekirei Pure Engagement Dub

Sekirei Pure Engagement

Genres: action, comedy, romance
Themes: ecchi, harem
Plot Summary: The battle to find the supreme Sekirei continues. Still some of the fighters and their masters refuse to participate in the battle since losing it means to lose the Sekirei forever, and many of them actually care about their partners, while others just use them as tools. A storm is rising on the horizon, a bigger threat approaches the city and it’s about to bring pain and suffering to those who love and care for their Sekireis.

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26 Responses to “Sekirei Pure Engagement”

  1. TOONAMI IS BACK says:

    i fucking hate MIYA SEKIREI 01 IN THIS ANIME SO MUCH

    • SMXLR8 says:

      Shut up you sound stupid and ignorant your tthe bitch idiot

    • Mikestella says:

      Ignorant bitch, if you gonna do that learn how to spell…-.-

    • Kevin George, II says:

      first of all im sure miya had her reasons for not participating in the plan. Maybe later on when America actually get season 3 their will be a reason for all of this you just have to give it time. It’s like Naruto .. Sasuke wanted to kill his brother but after Madara Uchiha explained what Sasuke’s brother Itachi Uchiha has done and fully explained the reason for all of this he began to cry and realize that his brother was only trying to protect him from another great ninja war. Anywho it is basically in a way the same thing. you just have to give it time. Hopefully miya will join up with The rest of the Sekirei’s and hopefully in do time they kick Minaka’s ass and beat the system! my only hope is that they don’t do it just quite yet because now that I think about it their wont be anymore Sekirei episodes… and like eceryone here said Sekirei is a very wonderful Anime.:) Hang in their bro all will be revealed im sure of it.-King George,II

    • Mthekiller362 says:

      OK ass hole, I’ve got a few things to say: First, you can go burn in hell. Second you clearly haven’t seen the entire series, if you have you would see that see’s a very caring person who can be serious when she wants (As you can tell when the demon masks appear around her). Finally, it’s because of her husbands death that she is who is now, before she was serious and didn’t care about anything pretty much. So to sum it up, FUCK YOU.

  2. Gerardo says:

    season 3???

  3. Aaron says:

    can someone please tell mee if there is a 3rd season plzzz

    • max says:

      i hope their is man i hope their is a ses3

    • Mthekiller362 says:

      As far as I’m aware there’s none and won’t be any for a long time because the company that made it is doing another anime that’s making more money than both seasons combined (and I’ve scoured the internet for season 3)

  4. death angel says:

    does anyone knows when season 3 is coming out??? I can’t wait to watch it. if you know anything pls let me know

  5. zach says:

    this was a great anime so i WAS PISSED WHEN I FINSHED

  6. zach says:


  7. Lorena says:

    All the putlocker links have been removed or deleted.

  8. LoZ OoT Link says:

    season 3 is out in japan but its gonna take a while to get it subbed and even longer for its dubbed version

    • JrW says:

      Where did you hear that it was out in japan???? if so that is amazing, I have been looking for the past week about information on season 3 and have found nothing yet.

  9. badass swordman says:

    fuck it end too good like the season 1 damn

  10. season 3 says:

    hey everyone! found a site where everyone could sign a petition to have a season 3 everyone go here and sign it who knows maybe they will start a new season. Worth a try!

  11. Taco96 says:

    when does season 3 comeout

  12. husky mudkippz says:

    can someone post a link 2 season 2

  13. Addie says:

    I yay I’m excited to see season 3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!♡

  14. wtf... says:

    I really do hope they make season 3, how it ended and they said, to be continue… :)

  15. adam says:

    when the next episodes com

  16. The Guy Late To The Party says:

    Anyone else reminded of The Turks (FF7) when Karasuba’s theme hits?

  17. Irving says:

    Both seasons are really Noice. Also I watched this about 3 years ago and i still don’t find anything about season 3

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