Kaichou wa Maid-sama Episode 10 Dub

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10 Responses to “Kaichou wa Maid-sama Episode 10”

  1. Katie says:

    This video is broken. Just letting you know, so you can fix it! Thank you <3

  2. sakia says:

    aww it froze :3
    *reloads page

  3. olivia says:

    its broken. please fix it! :)

  4. MsEeveeMaster says:

    it played just fine for me

  5. Saiko Kurosu says:

    -says in a demonic voice- I’m gonna slit that Kuuga-teme guy’s throat…
    -back to being happy~go~lucky- Sakura’s so adorable~! I just wanna hug her~!
    -squeals- Usui~! Yay! Usui-pyon to the rescue~!!!
    Kuuga: Then who are you!?
    Usui: Just a guy who’s stalking her.
    So blunt, Usui-pyon…
    I wonder if they’ll let me tear Kuuga’s face off?
    Haha! The 3 stooges… Gotta love ‘em.

  6. Icy Cold Freeze says:

    that dumb and obnoxious jerk!!!! sakura is too good for him!!!

  7. BOO says:

    You play too many commercials I can’t even hear the episode and they keep playing over and over and over again through out the episode so every 10 seconds i hear another commercial. It makes no sense. and on top of that theres no mute button from what i can see so every 10 seconds i have to pause and wait for the commecial to be over..

  8. CrotakuShinobi says:

    Kuuga: Then who are you!?
    Usui: Just a guy who’s stalking her.

  9. Shy wolf says:

    All the mirrors don’t work and I try to refresh it but it still doesn’t work and that’s why I’m reporting it to you please fix it :) :P

  10. TheDemonicAngel says:

    It worked just fine thank you so much for putting this anime here it’s amazing!! Please continue!! I don’t know why but I love this anime and their persalitys but this is just my opinion!!!

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