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8 Responses to “InuYasha The Final Act Episode 10”

  1. PandasKnowBest says:

    This episode was alright. Lag, voices are still stupid sounding, pronunciations of names still tick me off, and the annoying random background music is getting on my nerves =_=

  2. shin says:

    Why don’t ANY of the videos work??

  3. Fayth says:

    I agree, after watching nine of the Final Act Episodes I have accumulated much distaste for the new voices the characters have acquired. Not to mention the background music and pronunciation of names is quite irritating at times. Kagome’s new voice is most noticeable in change I must say, though I see the new voice actor is indeed trying and sometimes I hear a hint of her original voice but that is all. Sesshomaru’s voice is close to comparison to his original but sadly misses the mark. His new voice undeniably lacks that deep sensuality and dangerous edge that I find so alluring about him. And I feel as if Sesshomaru talks uneededly sometimes as well, whereas he use to remain silent during most conversation and give subtly keen remarks and or simply walk away from trivial things. I also notice his new voice seems too hasty when speaking, when usually its calm and inexorable showing no sign of exhaustion nor emotion in his voice.

    I guess it is what it is..

    But I do not see that as a reason to besmear the ENTIRE Final Act release I suppose, though it does saddens me quite to a degree.

    • Cielo says:

      I agree with you. However, despite the changes and the lack of familiarity, I still really like Final Act. It helps that kagome’s new voice tries very hard to be like the original. It’s not her fault…. The original voice didn’t come back for whatever reason. She’s not doing that bad. I get tricked sometimes when she first starts talking that it’s the original voice, but it fades quickly.

  4. A-Lost-Nobody says:

    i actually like this one. i ike Sesshomaru’s vioce now. i know that it isnt as “dangerous” as might say, but i think that is because he has warmed up a bit and is no longer that cold hearted deamon we saw in the orignal series. Kagome’s new voice can be annoying at times,yes, but the over all series is Amazing!

  5. thesefeelsman. says:

    “Forgive me, Kagome.”

    WOW. First time Inuyasha ever apologizes like that! Not even an ‘im sorry’! NOPE! He didn’t even! He actually went all fancy and formal xD

  6. Whitewillow says:

    I actually feel sorry for Kanna (or how ever you spell it) because, she can’t feel anything but, she has lost Kagura and she was like a sister to Kanna she it’s like losing a family member ;-;

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