Highschool of the Dead Dub

Highschool of the Dead

Genres: action, drama, horror, romance, thriller
Themes: Ecchi, fanservice, Gore, harem, zombies
Plot Summary: Takashi Komuro is a normal highschool boy, until an infection breaks out that turns people into zombie-like creatures. Along with his friends & the school nurse, they fight their way out and continue their journey to find out what exactly has happened to the world.

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63 Responses to “Highschool of the Dead”

  1. moore jaydog says:

    i love this fucking show

  2. Tommy Boss says:

    One of my favorite animes, I really Hope they come out with a second season!! Or at least more OVA’s

  3. Max says:

    There’s too many undies, and adult content in this anime. I really enjoyed the first few episodes, when I actually got into it, theres alway a girl show her undie which immediately distracted me from focusing. Its actually fairly ridiculios… I’m here to watch horror anime, not h3nt4i

  4. henry says:

    This is one of my favorite anime i hope they make the second season and alot of episodes on it, please make more seasons not just one but two or more and with the same people…

  5. Tom says:

    number 2 in my top 5 anime :D and for those looking for a similar anime try Elfin Lied you won’t regret your time watching it trust me.

    • ayrhica says:

      OMG Elfein Leid (sp) is my number best anime I ever seen made me cry and im watching HOTD for the forth time.

    • Laughmyassoff says:

      Haha elfin lied is boring dude try berserker or darker than black (my favorite) or devil my cry there are some more if u want to know just reply. Haha.

      • crow says:

        elfin lied was really good alot people say its a masterpiece and i agree but i got bored of berserk and devil may cry is amazing the games are to

  6. pletromex says:

    blood and guts and boobs and buts and just wanna make your head expload lol

  7. HEllo says:

    I love this movie!! Especially zombies! why isn’t there another season???

  8. yes please says:

    yes hello i was wondering its almost the end of the world.

    is it going to be alright ?

  9. Ace says:

    max why are u such a fa..g saying your looking for horror anime. well its is zombie and also. what u wanna see dudes. anime is also a reason of hentai. becuz it makes it interesting,
    not only yoou said it is a distracction which is a bad thing? first off your distracted in the show. soo basically thats a good thing.u mak it soundd like your distracted at something elsee not on the same show. hahah dumb.

    • Laughmyassoff says:

      Max is a fag he basically said I hate boobs and don’t like to watch the flop around. Haha personally I don’t have to watch them but it is always nice to take a break from touchin them. Lol I am not a fag.

      • Daryl Skeh says:

        Seriously? He’s a fag because every two seconds, theres a pair of tits flying all over the place in an anime clearly labelled “HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD” THE DEAD. NOT THE TITS.
        Fucking morons.
        And what’s wrong with being ‘a faggot’ anyway?
        Fucking. Idiots.

  10. redc says:

    What I think max is sayin is the sexy anime stuff is great but they do it at inappropiate times like shits going crazy its fucking chaos and they are focusing of boobs jigglling and up skirts that stuff is awesome really but save it for when stuff has calmed down when a ZA is happening I will notice that stuff but not being serious in shit like that will get you killed so save the porn for when they are safe for the moment

    • Diego says:

      thats what makes it more realistic i mean seruosly just think about it

    • fqwerty says:

      @redc: dude i couldn’t agree with you more! :D

      • Laughmyassoff says:

        Dude guys first they were 100% safe and they had allot of guns and the zombies were not focused on them they were focused on the bridge if u really watched it u would have known that. Second guys a zombie is human some ppl eat other ppl allot of ppl mil other ppl and all that. Third it is great to have the boobs but y didn’t they do it when they were on that island I mean that is we’re I would put it because that is the safest u can get. Thanks for ever comment this is really wasting my boring time so thanks.

  11. Takyio says:

    best anime on my top 10 favorite animes of all times along with DBZ, Naruto, Zatch Bell, and others…… agree think this is 1st anime cartoon that is based around Zombies which is awesome thing….so watch it everyone is a Swicked Awesome Radical anime to watch… (P.S. Swicked – means something that is Sweet yet Wicked; or something amazing.)

  12. bernice says:

    why is it only up to episode 12? please add more episodes!!!!

  13. skrilex says:

    there are only twelve episode what the hell hapens it cant just end like that

  14. skrilex says:

    this show has every thing blood zombies sexy girls way is ther not a second season

  15. Bob says:

    Cue that second season any time now.

  16. Joey says:

    This ova was garbage. They needed to give it a proper ending. Freaking ridiculous with main character going after all the women. He should have gotten his high school sweet heart. They had serious elements in the series and than mess it up with pervert stuff.

    • Diego says:

      you know every one would have expected him to go for his highschool sweetheart thats exactly why they didnt do it like that and if theres a chaos like that nobody would really care that much for there sweetheart besides he didnt even love her anymore

    • Ty says:

      No his highschool sweetheart split with his best friend until shit got real and takeshi said fuck it rambo time ladies. I can see why they went in the direction they did from episode 6 on to 10-11 when they make it to the mansion he obviously starting falling way outta love for her realizing his mistake and i see why they had him choosing who he did.

  17. Diego says:

    this anime was so awsome, you know it had every little thing that you would want in a zombie anime: a good story, survivers with diferent abilities, crafted wepons what more could we ask for in a zombie anime definitly my FAVORITE the best ive seen

  18. yewz says:

    girls butts aren’t that shiny lol

  19. David says:

    why did they stop making english dubbed anyways? o_o

  20. zubayr says:

    this anime is so fucking so fucking hot!!!! i love the blood and zombies its just sooooo fucking hooootttt!!!

  21. zubayr says:

    plus the ass and frekynes is hott to :)

  22. zaahid says:

    I LOVE IT SO FUCKING MUCH i will fuck it

  23. zaahid says:


  24. ANON says:

    Wasnt there a season 2 to this show or something

  25. vickyanimekitty says:

    i like it, i cant wait to see season 2

  26. Max says:

    Boobs and zombies doesn’t get much better then that my friends.

  27. Schoki says:

    well this was the most stupid anime i have ever seen. cant believe its rated this good.

    -cheap storyline
    -just panties -> go for hentai if u like panties
    -strange characters
    -and the crass split of total seriousness and comedy doesnt really work out here

  28. JReaper1993 says:

    Season 2 coming out in the next few months… IM SO EXCITED!!!!!

  29. Cjfit says:

    And yes there is a second season and they are premiering season 3 in Japan currently but as for dubbed versions to English it ends at season one until further notice :(

  30. hayden says:


  31. Travis says:

    Just so everybody knows there will be a second season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The author confirmed it, but no release date yet.

  32. xX KIRITO Xx says:

    # fucking amazing hope theres a second season (:

  33. Kage Neko says:

    I was curious why it was rated so well…but I see now it’s cause there is a shit load of perves who voted it up. They can’t even type either. And their all like DUUUDDDEEE HOOOOT…stfu. Seriously. And their calling other people with actually sensible distaste for it f_g…wtf? The fact that you have to call people that and say ‘I’m not a f_g’…makes you one. Wow…apparently this is where the lowest IQ scoring losers come to talk about titties… -_- …there is more to a good story than titties and pantie shots. Grow up. Either you’re 12 or you are super lonely.

    • elaisha says:

      Hey kage neko, i completely argree with u about all the ecchi because im a girl and dont really enjoy things like that but when you get past all that it really is a good show.

  34. T-RAV says:

    OK not all guys are perves a lot yes but not all I like it Cause its fuckin hilarous and its fun watching girls kick ass and still look good doing it

  35. christian says:

    they should make a season 2

  36. xX kirito Xx says:

    da fuck it just end with so my fuckin questions like wat the fuck happens

  37. DemonWingx says:

    Its relly awesome…and i want to see season 2…..i m waiting for….season 2…i wish he came soon…

  38. shawn says:

    love this anime wish there was more hope they make more

  39. Elliyah says:

    I want more episodes. I just love this show. ;u;

  40. Caleb says:

    I love the show but why can’t they have more than 12 episodes that are dubbed like seriously puss me off I can’t find anymore anywhere grr

  41. NOT shia labeouf says:

    Really sad that the writer of the manga has stopped making material. Wanted to see another season but its been 6 years since the 1st came out. :(

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