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29 Responses to “High School DxD Episode 1”

  1. sorin21 says:

    first to vote :)

  2. Jim Harris says:

    Erotic and well drawn. From an unlikely encounter with an apparent “babe” to being a servant to a voluptuous she-devil. Lets see how the story continues. Five stars so far.

  3. BroHawk97 says:


    • Devin Desjardins says:

      I feel you man, I feel you. ;(

      • lol says:

        The kid is a total queer all I hear this character kid talk non-stop about seeing girls naked or touching their boobs. I mean yeah a bit fan service in anime is okay. But it totally gets messed up when all that “dude character” can thing about is boobs and naked chicks, makes the story look like a horny kids dream that hadn’t bang a chick for about 10 years or more. Seriously, these anime script writers and storyboard turds need to make an anime worth while rather than just showing 2-dimensionals look hot naked and adding a boner to their audience.

        • Screw you says:

          Hey asswhole dont ruin the show for other people this show is AMAZING just because you dont like this kinda stuff doesnt mean other people dont and just because people like the damn thing doesnt mean there weird horn dogs.

          • Angry Cherries says:

            You tell him buddy… I dislike people who give bad comments to a anime, all because they don’t like the taste of it. So go tell him!

            …. Yeah, I know this is just, a comment….. And I’m not actually talking to the person. But you know what I mean!

  4. William Marshall says:

    bout damn time they made this for english

  5. Sumeet says:

    Why can’t I see the video?????

  6. :/ says:

    It looks nice but I dislike the main character and his friends. Hopefully things will change later.

  7. splashatack69 says:

    The video lags a bit for some reason.

  8. Gearhart7302 says:

    Is Northern Europe hell?

  9. crowshooter122 says:

    this is a great anime I have been seeing these types of anime for like the longest time now and i hope they get even more better in season 3

  10. JDXclusive says:

    Love this anime!, this is my third time watching it within a few days, cannot wait for season 3!!!

  11. Angry Cherries says:

    Ha Ha Ha Ha! I really started laughing at the beginning of the episode, when the three guys mentioned that the were getting a harem… Ha! But… After that, it was a blast! Over all, I kind of liked the episode. And the series. 10/10, cheers!

  12. noah says:

    This s my 20 time watching it I have nothing better to watch and they better make a third season soon.

  13. rehdeadedpichu says:

    This is a great anime but just for those woman like me this is kind of a porn but yet it has a great story. It’s worse than roresrio vampire tho with more porn.

  14. BroHawk97 says:

    Issei i feel ya man lol

  15. Justin says:

    This link is broken

  16. NoHaxMeh says:

    My first anime with boobs that jiggle
    I like this series already

  17. otaku says:


  18. Virodox says:

    wtf is this anime XD i expected some actual logic but boyo was i wrong

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