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Genres: action, adventure, drama, fantasy, science fiction
Plot Summary: In 2015, CC Corporation’s datacenter caught on fire destroying “The World”. By splicing in data from what would have been another project, CC Corp. was able to rebuild the game. In 2016, “The World R:2″ was released. .hack//Roots covers the time Haseo spent with Shino and Ovan in the guild known as the Twilight Brigade, before the .hack//G.U. PS2 games.

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.Hack//G.U. Trilogy
.hack//G.U. Returner
.hack//G.U. Trilogy Parody Mode
.hack//Legend of the Twilight Offline Meeting Special
.hack//The Movie Sekai no Mukou ni

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4 Responses to “.hack//Roots”

  1. LeMe says:

    the .hack series was the one that got me into anime. I watched on adult swim in grade school but didn’t stay up late enough to catch cowboy bebop or outlaw star (both awesome). Aside from the kickass theme music, this is probably one of the best animes ever made and probably one of the most relatable to my generation. I’m feelin’ preachy so here it goes “The anime comunity is growing, but along the way we lose track of the ones that sparked our interest in it. Many anime fans will filter through series until they hit one they like and then fixate on it. We of the Anime Generation should try our best to hold onto these series and keep them around, lest they disapear in both our minds and in the real world. We must support the official releases and the artists to keep them around and maybe create the next generation in anime.” If you have Steam, message my account (dhargadine1) and tell me your story or your favorite anime. I’ll watch and try my best to advertise it so it stays around.

    • ju says:

      I don’t know about steam but I’m sending my list of favorite anime and hope you get it.

      dna2,trigun,cowboy bebob, eureka 7, kanon, air, coyote ragtime show, big O, G gundam, paranoia agent, boogie pop phantom, another, shiki, tenjho tenge, all of dragon ball z, case closed, blue gender, gundam seed destiny, code geass, ghost stories (special dub),excel saga, punipuni poemy, pani poni dash, CHRONO CRUSADE, flcl, full metal alchemist. Pretty sure everyone loves that one. lol

      gundam seed, getbackers, godanner, zoids (childhood favorite), yu-gi-oh the original version, nerima daikon bros.,jubei-chan, Lupin III, MEGAS XLR, I can barely remember it but it was a great kids show: medabots.

      negima, princes tutu, utawererumono, narue hope I spelled that right it’s a romance about an alien girl., rave master, rurouni kenshin, samurai jack, s cry ed, sailor moon, saiyuki and saiyuki reloaded, samurai deeper keyo, spice and wolf, solty rei, SHAMAN KING, Blood +, This Ugly Yet Beautiful World, tenchi muyo, vampire princess miyu, WELCOME TO THE NHK, and YU YU Hakusho!!!!

      Many of these anime were what I subsisted on at some point, lol I can’t even remember breathing while watching my favorite anime. Great memories.

    • ju says:

      one more I forgot baccano. I’m pretty sure there is a hidden joke in that show I don’t get because, two of the characters, have appeared in several other anime.

    • ju says:

      I recently heard about an old anime from the 80′s I’m thinking about checking out, uresai yatsura

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