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23 Responses to “Fruits Basket Episode 1”

  1. coolkid says:

    love it

  2. goldlife says:

    <3 it, awesome

  3. Nicole M. says:

    To…..many…..damn… Dx

  4. samatha says:

    its great

  5. Austin says:

    This video player is shit. Redirects every 2 minutes

  6. Amy says:

    This is like the best VIDEO I ever seen <3 , It's better then vampire knight .. that sucks now.

    • Santa's Helper says:

      Totally agree. After hearing so many people praise Vampire Knight, I was so disappointed by it. It totally sucked. Especially the second season.

    • Alexandria says:

      Depends on how you watched it honestly. The Japanese version with English subs, is a lot better than the English dubbed one. Personally I don’t like the English version. Sadly they didn’t get the okay for a 3rd season, but it continues in the manga. It’s a lot more intense, zero and yuki come together again as best friends, etc.

  7. Santa's Helper says:

    LOL! I love everyone’s facial expressions when they are all transformed at the end!=D

  8. Celestia says:

    I love fruits basket! SO ADDICTIVE!

  9. alexus says:

    awww! the song r so cute!!!!!! xDD and kyo is soo hot!!!

  10. You don't really need it, do you? says:

    sighh, I love this anime but this player is VERY crap =________= and, hey! Vampire Knight doesnt totally suck? I use to love it and yes I do agree that fruits basket is better then vampire knight and honestly… the only ‘thing’ that killed vampire knight for me was all basically Yuki’s fault =____= She always pissed me off because she’s so dumb. I could predict almost the whole show. Tho… most of all… SHE BROKE MY POOR ZERO’S HEART! I wouldve forgived her if she went for Zero (I wouldnt be totally happy with her but, mehh) all that mattered was that Zero is happy and now…but, of course =_________= (sighh)


    • Mileni says:

      So true ! agree with everything every word. :)

    • summerr says:

      SHUT THE FUCK UP yuki is some times narrow minded but you don’t need to hate on her an zero hates her now because she’s a pure blood vampire an she wasn’t a real human her mom turned her into a human so she wouldn’t live in grief of her mothers death an her father she cield yuki’s true self an erased her memory of them an kaname so she could smile normally an so she wouldn’t be depressed all her life an yuki an kaname end up together married an zero said some day he will kill all pure breads an yuki is a pure bread ZERO HATES YUKI NOW FACE THE FACTS AN THE FACTS SHE ENDS UP WHITH KANAME an no its not incest or what ever kaname an yuki aren’t blood related so its not incest or what ever you need to watch both seasons beginning to end an yes fruits basket is awsome

    • Alexandria says:

      In the manga they come together again and remain good friends. I don’t want to give everything away. But yes Vampire Knight is good. But it’s better in Japanese honestly.

  11. Lol-FruitBasket says:

    So far it’s good.

    Does the person who plays “Maka” from “Soul Eater” play the girl too?


    Loved it. <3 Kyo.

  13. Ash says:

    This was the first anime I loved and now I am watching it again, it is still my favourite. It’s great to be apart of their world again :D

  14. fruits basket fan says:

    the player isn’t working my friend is letting me read the manga but I still want to watch the anime :/ please fix the players none of them work :(

  15. sky says:

    hi fruits basket fan

    Now Video’s working very good. You can check again.. have fun

  16. friendlyone20 says:

    this show is strange but I like it

  17. Officialzaraxxxxxxxxx says:

    New anime, I hope it’s good!!

  18. TheRebelWillSurvive says:

    I don’t remember Yuki sounding so much like a rapist XD Still one of my favorite animes though ^-^

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