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29 Responses to “Fairy Tail Episode 48”

  1. Fairy tale hater says:

    I hate fairy tale cause natsu dies

  2. princeofdragons says:

    dude don’t worry he’s lying.

  3. GrayFanGirl says:

    When will the rest of Fairy Tail be dubbed?I want to watch more..

  4. Elkino says:

    Me too more dubb plz

  5. SMsparky says:

    i cant wait for the new dubs of fairy tail

  6. blake says:

    more dubed need more anime is my life force

  7. nico says:

    i love this episode the ending made me sad i hope he comes back but the foreshawdoing made me excited!!!!!!

  8. glorisa says:

    sorry i know i’m being kind of stupid but what are you talking about? natsu dies? isn’t episode 48 the ending? i think it was fine, there’s nothing about natsu dying. please someone answer me because i’m really confused now.

  9. Kay says:

    when will eps 49+ be dubbed on here?
    I have found them elsewhere but the audio quality is awful

  10. Brett says:

    Please dub the rest of Fairy Tail. We all want more.

  11. XXVICXX says:

    WE NEED MORE FAIRY TALL!!!! When new episode are being dubbed???

  12. Karen says:

    11:15 – 11:26 I died laughing at natsu, metaphorically but i did start crying, out of laughter then i laughed so hard i hit my head XDDDD

    OH AND FELLOW FAIRY.T LOVERS only 49 / 175 eps have be dubbed and i really, really, really, REALLY doubt they’ll dub more considering how long its been, y’know over 2 years.. or someink..


  13. Phil says:

    More episodes will be dubbed in july of 2013. In fact all of them should be dubbed by then…Their are a few sites already with episodes 49-100 dubbed although the voices are different in them.

    • Tyler says:

      funimations original license announcement for Fairy Tail said that they only licensed the first 49 episodes. Until recently no new word has surfaced whether more episodes would be dubbed. However as Phil stated its been confirmed they have licensed more episodes and will take 3 months to get them dubbed. However also as Phil has stated Animax has already licensed up to episode 100 and dubbed them you can find them on http://www.fairytail-hq.com. Enjoy.

    • Otaku? says:

      You can actually already buy episodes 49-60 dubbed by funimation! ^.^ Isn’t that great! I’m excited to get them, it’s volume five on their site if you check it out. Hope this helped some people!

      • Obviously Not! says:

        Don’t listen to ^^THAT^^ guy. Part five isn’t available until July 23. Part six (61-72) is available August 20.

  14. Boooo says:

    omg its 5-6 weack and no 49 episode omg

  15. DJ says:

    I must say so far this has been a really great series, and I certainly want more. I can’t wait until they get more on here. I’ve been plowing through Japanese Anime, I feel like a junkie and this site has soooo much, however there are some Animes that aren’t on here and I wish they did. :-(

  16. I don't care says:

    Ending is amazing!!!

  17. IceWolfShadow says:

    This isn’t the end they said they will be releasing the 2nd season sometime in July, not sure if it’s true but i’m believing it!

  18. KanraOrihara says:

    OH! you guys r giving spoilers and r ruining it for me >.<, just kiddin, but your spoiling it though!

  19. chandini says:

    hey guyz…….in the new episodes of fairy tail we got two new dragon slayers. and they r awesome. ofcourse not as strong as natsu or fairy tail’s dragon slayers.

  20. Zyth That Myth says:


  21. Zura says:

    can anyone tell me who’s the strongest wizard in fairy tail

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