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23 Responses to “Black Butler II Episode 3”

  1. lil says:

    im still confused from the first season. is grell a boy or a girl! DX

  2. Bear says:

    Im confused and wondering what exactly happened to bring Ciel back to life and why he doesnt remeber Grell and all that…..

  3. Vivi says:

    I think this must be before Season 1′a ending, because Elizabeth referred to Ciel working for her Majesty and we know what happened to her.

    • Sebby&Pluto says:

      Actually, the Queen did live to the end of season one,\. I’m guessing that this is somehow the work of Sebastian or some other demon of a sort…just a guess though…

      • Zombie says:

        ACTUALLYYYY The Queen in fact died in the first season. A replacement Queen was given, and the public didn’t know the difference.

    • Luke says:

      I don’t know if anyone else caught it, but Ciel mentioned lady red who was killed by Grell in the first season,so i believe that this may actually take place before the first season entirely.

      • November says:

        Yeah, but Sebastian then laughs and says that there’s ‘no need to worry’, which probably means that Madam Red is in fact dead, but Ciel has no memory of it. I think it would have to be set after season 1 b/c the Queens letter makes reference to ‘the spider’, Alois, and Sebastian had to enter the Trancy mansion in order to revive Ciel. So the thing that happened to the Queen, where she died and then was revived with no memory of her actions in past events, must’ve happened to Ciel.

      • somone says:

        i caught that he mentioned madam red and no this is season two keep watching the series and in one of the episodes that is very soon coming up sabastian says that ciel lost his memory i don remember how he lost his memory though

  4. Mio Chan says:

    GRELLLL ISHHH BACCCKKKKK!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GAWSH!!! I missed hearing him say Bassy!!!

  5. Animita says:

    So… Grell is a he who pretends to be a girl? I thought Grell was a girl for awhile!

  6. immacat says:

    OMG!!! Grell riding a chainsaw up a building XD

  7. Blackbutlerlvr says:

    Omg, Grell is my favorite character out of the whole series. Although he’s a boy, I think it’s rather cute that he’s a lesbian/bisexual. He’s very funny and flamboyant.

  8. shakayla says:

    This is like the second season b/c he was revived but lost the memory of what happen you can tell because in the first it doesn’t talk about Alois

  9. Adeade45 says:

    im confused grell still calls Sebastian bassy by madame red is still alive. before season 1 grell just call Sebastian Sebastian but in season 1 he says he will call him bassy before madame red is killed. and also no introduction to will.

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