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32 Responses to “Another Episode 12”

  1. hellhound411 says:

    best ending ever, it did the biggest twist I ever seen, is there a season 2, I could tell after the credits they wanted to place the question is it over as a cliff hanger.

    • Roz says:

      Not everything should have a second season. This was a great Anime. It should stay as only as this. If they did a second season it would end up like Final Destination. I hope they don’t do another season. It would ruin this.

      • Lawrence Andrews says:

        But they can make a new cast of character… all your classmate died and you and this one girl truly love is still alive…. but at the end you find out she was the dead and you had to kill her….you was the last person left in the class…

  2. kati says:

    I agree, it would turn out really bad if they made another season out of it. It’s a really good anime but I didn’t realise it would gory untill the episode where the first girl gets impaled on her umbrella !!!!

  3. Bunny-chan says:

    wow,this ending was awesome didn’t expect that at all and this is now in my top 10 favorite animes

  4. Chris says:

    It was sad how the red head and his aunt died but it was a good anime

    • Otaku1 says:

      Yeah, I didn’t want the Red Head to die. I think she liked Sakakibara, right?
      Must’ve been hard for him to kill his own aunt whose been like a mother to him for so long.

  5. Deus says:

    True they shouldn’t make a second season or it would totally ruin this anime. But I honestly got to say this was probably the best most twisted and fu**ed up anime I have ever seen, and I would give it a solid 10/10. Best ending ever. This is now in my top three on my anime list.

  6. chris says:

    Excellent anime. Did not expect it to be a who it was. They kind of left it open maybe a second. Most likely not. The really good ones always seem to end quickly.

  7. RileyR( " ) says:

    o_o my mind is so screwed… tomorro I my have a nerves breakdown in class… and I will now and always watch my step, not have a heart attack, not ride elovators, not be around knive, I will no go outside in lightning storms, not play with fire, and I would choose being soaked then umbrellas and wires… o_o so yeah…

  8. Taylor says:

    I just cant belive it was raeko.. i didnt even know she was the assistant teacher.. ._.

  9. Aisha says:

    I read the manga first so I know whats going to happen but they made it so gory in the anime than in the manga, not a lot of students actually died on the manga so I was like wtf 0.o

  10. Big booty judy says:

    this was soo sad. i would go gay for mei. ♥

  11. josh dunn says:

    im gonna be cautious for the rest of my life because of this anime 0-0

  12. your mom says:

    i love this anime. it takes death and accidents to the whole next level. i just cant discribe how much i love this anime…

  13. Eddie the Head says:

    i still don’t get why they’re cursed?!?!?!

    • Oracion says:

      The reason the class was cursed is simply because the class pretended that a student was still alive although she wasnt. All the students and faculty pretended that the much loved female student was still alive.

  14. silas says:

    shit best ending ever

  15. black sage12 says:

    yeah this was a great ending but why were they cursed??

  16. Billy says:

    Because when that one girl died,all the class from 26 years ago all pretended she was still alive for the whole year. Basically making a open invitation for the undead.
    Having a undead person who isn’t suppose to be there, just caused a lot of fucking issues.

  17. Holy crap says:

    I just sobbed my way through the last two episodes… A whole pile of tearful tissues are currently surrounding my laptop…
    So sad ._.

  18. matt says:

    most of that anime for me happens a lot but without all the dieing though if some did die that would hole thing with the students killing each other would so happen but on a much lager scale with everyone going for me cuz i’m pretty much the one student that doesn’t exist

  19. bill says:

    if sam and dean were here they would end it in a day forever without killing anyone

  20. NekoNyan says:

    I looked at the end credits and found that the person who voice acts misaki (Monica rail) also voices Hazuki/Luna from MoonPhase I thought they sounded the same and wadaya know they are

  21. NekoNyan says:

    WAIT ppl does anyone at all notice that the guy with purple (ish) hair and glasses look a LOT like Morshige from Corpse Party lol I started screaming MORSHIGE RETURNS that’s just my opinion or maybe I’m going crazy idk :)

    • Rei says:

      Oh, thank god I wasn’t the only one who thought that! I thought he looked like Morishige the moment I saw him in the first episode! Seeing him at the end of this reminded me so much of when Mori went crazy in Corpse Party, I loved it!

      Glad others thought the same!

  22. Lover_of_Manga says:

    Awww… so after all that blood and death comes a adorable ending with Mei and Kouichi… cause everybody knows that death and love make a great ending! I loved this anime!

  23. Josh says:

    I’ve watched when they cry so I’m kinda used to all the gore but still it was pretty bloody

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