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17 Responses to “Angel Beats Episode 3”

  1. sadfsdfsdfsdfasfd says:

    this show is amazing it creates a really creative perspective on the afterlife one i think i would enjoy to be in, ohhh i’m gonna have sweet dreams tonight i can just feel that m16 sniper in my arms *sigh*

  2. Elkino says:

    Love the opening/theme song

  3. He who escaped the Asylum says:

    that ballad she sung… moving, is how i would describe it

  4. Joey Carthew says:

    Sadr, That sniper rifle is not a M16, I’m not sure what it is though.

  5. james says:

    love never dies but if u want it to disipear it will hide from u but win u seak it out it will reviel itself to u

  6. ccz123 says:

    episode 3 and already im crying :C

  7. abdullah jordi says:

    this episode was soo sad :’( omg,lovely!

  8. J says:

    oddly enough it isn’t the sadness of these stories that makes me want to watch…I feel more admiration toward them then anything else, even after death claims you, you can still fight on. that’s what makes me want to watch more

  9. aaron says:

    this anime is the most sad but yet the best along side maburaho which the storyline of this anime touched my heart caused me to cry on episode 2 and 3 when yurpi’s memorie was told and iwasawa’s memorie i was touched cause they are about real life and no other anime can do that

  10. Gold says:

    LOL he started spewing the digits of pi and Noda just broke down.

  11. Waxcity says:

    Why does everything have to be against GOD? Its so annoying!!! Like that nerd that wants to be called christ!! What the hell is his problem. and just because they have bad lives they hate God!! Its the people they should hate because they are the evil ones wth!!

  12. u says:

    U must have a nice life then cuz u don’t know shit. I don’t think lost anyone close in ur life or had somthing horrible happen in ur life from my view if “god” was real how come young people die hu iv lost so many people that I’m sure there is no god

    • jadefire says:

      if god is real thin the devil is to cause he makes the people do bad things ive lost my fav cuz if god is real thin why let the devil live idk but people need some thing to help thim to trust in me god some people other things if ther is no god then how come ther is happness you just have to beleve god cant do evey thing you have to try too

  13. james says:

    I got the.first two episodes of angel beats to work, but the third wont. One mirror says that its unsupported file type, two and three say I have to update my flash driver but mines already updated as much as it allows. Fourth mirror is down. Do you maybe have a mobile website fortablets? Thx for your tiime

  14. Anime is awesome says:

    I think that if God was real he would look out for us but the fact that we have medicine gives me faith coz he is helping us cure stuff all in all Im under sided coz although I have faith I still need proof any body els agree???

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