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15 Responses to “Angel Beats Episode 1”

  1. FuN RioT says:


  2. well... says:

    WHAT THE FUCKITTY FUCKING FUCK?? what the hell is this and how did it get on top list? And why am I watching it? Now I feel like an idiot.

  3. Herps says:

    Dude don’t even worry about it the episodes get a lot better as they go

  4. jen says:

    i didn’t think that i would like it when my cousin showed it to me but its pretty good…

  5. Karin says:

    not that bad of a anime. my friend Tohru told be about it
    and now I luv it!

  6. KellyTheOtaku says:

    Its a pretty funny Anime! You might not get into it right away but just watch at least a few episodes to see if you like it :D this Anime is one of the top saddest Anime so be prepared!

    • dovakine says:

      Is it more sad than the future diary cuz that is still mind fucking me with its depressing essence

      • anime8watchr says:

        IKR!!! i still think about that almost daily and i watched it almost a year ago it made me cry so much and my girlfriend says its okay to cry but i said i dont do that. but i must say for all you people it is the sadest anime ive seen

  7. chase says:

    im so confused by this wha tis going oni mean going from the claymore series ti this. its dumbifing.

  8. Ian says:

    THe guy who voices the main character sounds like uberhaxxornova

  9. PJ says:

    Very good anime. I loved it. Is funny as hell had me lol.

  10. PJ says:

    This is actually one of the best anime out there. Good full story line, with an ending that will have you in tears.

  11. Waxcity says:

    “I want to get obliterated ASAP” had me rotfl!!!

  12. Darknight2536 says:

    I know where they are! They’re in Purgatory. Purgatory is the place between being alive and death. It’s like limbo and where an angel helps trying to guide those departed souls cross over.

  13. Scottishanimewatcher says:

    The SSS? That is dangerously close the SS(The Waffen SS, you know the brutal killers that murdered thousands of people)

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