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289 Responses to “Contact”

  1. liam starr says:

    can you get attack on titan me and alote of my friends want to watch it?

    • CrotakuShinobi says:

      Attack on Titan is still being dubbed but Im sure that once its done it will be posted, becouse acording to its one of the most popular anime

  2. Gil Tashema says:


    I am looking to get in touch with the appropriate person on your end who can make advertising decisions.

    Can you please advise?


  3. nightwolf0220 says:

    can u guys make an app for my ps3 i only like english dubbed anime know seems to know how to do that. theyre all like well they have subtitles. im like i dont care i wanna watch not read. plz help america we want english dubbed anime on r gaming consoles. set it like hulu or netflix all english dubbed anime no commercial bs. for free b nice. tk u get back to me

  4. CrotakuShinobi says:

    Can you post download links for Hakuouki Season 1,2 and 3

    P.S. For those who have a prifile on My Anime List my username is CrotakuShinobi

  5. redfeather72 says:

    How long does it usually take to add new anime to your website?

  6. Alex says:

    Hey i was wondering if you could get Free! Dubbed and Subbed on here.

  7. Roland says:

    Banner of the Stars season 3 would make me a happy boy.

  8. Alejo Ajras says:

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  9. Jennifer says:

    All of the first choices for Ranma 1/2 are missing… and do not look like they’ve been uploaded. If I hadn’t tried option 2, I wouldn’t even think you had any videos. I’ve been trying to rewatch the series and I’ve had to go to the 2nd video.

    Thought you might want to know that it looks like a “no show” option.

  10. watchdub says:

    @Jennifer first video mirror got removed. that why i embed much different video mirror for each esp. anyway i just changed video mirror for it

  11. Washigton says:

    Can u guys get magi,toriko,senran kagura and the last one Aquarion EVOL on this site all English dubbed

  12. amito says:

    i really want to know what’s happening with the Anime “Bleach” are there any chance of it coming back out :( i really want/ miss Bleach..

  13. Legend says:

    Sword Art Online season 2 is out!!!!!
    Will you dub it to :3?

  14. fabric1234 says:

    can u please finish devil is a part timer if its not finished and also finish DATE A LIVE with all of its series lastly get more comedy science fiction shows for me to watch thank u

  15. Trevor says:

    Cant you atleast get a few episodes of aot(attack on titan) it doesn’t matter if they keep dubbing that just means we have to wait just as long as you do just to get a episode Plus it would really improve the comments and replys plus you would get a lot more people going to this site to watch dubbed anime because most people try to itch aot and cant but if you had it here then you would have so many people just watching and giving ideas about what you should do next you should also add gurren lagann if you can just saying that would be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Mitchy says:

    I know im suppose to report dead players on the video thats dead but for Death Note all video players (player 2 works) are all dead links. only vid player 2 works.

  17. watchdub says:

    @Trevor thanks for your suggest. But at now i can only focus on complete series. i will add aot when it finished. about gurren lagann, site already have it
    @Mitchy i just tested random, player 1-2 work with me, i just reupdated video mirror 3

  18. punkbastard says:

    Can anyone please tell me which song is that in Dragon Ball Z, episode 175 from time 12:55 to 14:00 1st Mirror ( ?

  19. ninjaguy says:

    When are you putting more fairy tale (funimation dubbed) episodes on?

  20. Midnight says:

    You should add Zodiac p.i. to the watch list

  21. napo38 says:

    all 4 videos mirrors not working proper they stop downloading

  22. napo38 says:

    all 4 videos mirrors downloading malfuncion

  23. Blue Caster says:

    Can you add Zodiac P.I. to the watch list? Ive been reading the series and i cant find any more of the books & no other website has it.

  24. Wolf823 says:

    Almost every episode I try to watch says there is a problem with the network and I don’t know why. I am using an iPhone and the browser safari please email me ASAP.

  25. nightwolf0220 says:

    can u put a app on my ps3 and infinite stratos aint working none of the mirrors r and i like the sexy harem action anime

  26. caprice says:

    my favorite show is the wall flower could you possible make an ova or a second series or season
    most appreciative

  27. Tsahi Maor says:

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  28. Richard O'Connell says:

    Hi first this site has got to be one of the best if had an honor to visit. Second is there a login required? And are you planning on season 2 of high school dxd? Let me know thanks for your time

  29. Laura johnson says:

    So now hardly any Witch Hunter Robin will load message is error loading media file cannot be played


  30. Yaheya says:

    Please add a search button for hevean’s sake.

  31. TanSilver says:

    could you guys get “kiki delivery service” a few of my friends haven’t seen it?

    are there going to be anymore “sailor moon” in English coming soon?

  32. Ken says:

    The videos used to let me watch them on my android converter. Now all of a sudden my converter won’t come up and instead the video only works on the mirrors option. Has there been a change in the site?

  33. benjamin says:

    “tenchi muyo war on geminar”
    please i want to see again

  34. liam starr says:

    you have pop up saying to down lond java but I have java and the down lond it is acking me to do has vaish and mialwere in it it is not saft to dwon lond

  35. DARK MENECE says:

    would like to see watchdub have Attack On Titan it is out in dub all redy and is relly getting a 6 star rating cant find it any were but youtub .

  36. Cratous says:

    a certain scientific Railgun is having problems, i cant even watch any episodes anymore. google chrome is saying something about bringing malware so i cant watch it.

  37. CrotakuShinobi says:

    Could you post Blood Lad

  38. Oliver says:

    The english dub version of shakugan no shana isn’t very high quality is there anyway they can be upload so the sound is clearer?

  39. nino galvez says:

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  40. Joe Morganti says:

    As a way to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Ghostbusters, I can’t think of a better cartoon for you guys to upload than The Real Ghostbusters and Extreme Ghostbusters.

  41. Macarena says:

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  42. CrotakuShinobi says:

    Blood Lad!!!!

  43. George says:

    What on earth is anti spam captcha???

  44. ZMBIE4LIFE says:

    I don’t know if you know or not but Hagani Episode 7 Video Mirror 3 has an advertisement of two women eating out a woman dressed in what appears to be cosplay of some sort. It’s a little out of place o-o

  45. Wolf8230 says:

    Can u guys upload the new sword art online series. Plz it looks so cool. This is the only place I can watch these kind if shows because I don’t have cable.

  46. evan corpuz says:

    hello again my name is evan corpuz i’m from plano texas u.s.a.
    the trollvid players in video mirror 1 for the anime video tokyo mew mew dub on your website. and i was wondering can you put back the trollvid players in video mirror 1 please? because i like that better. but just leave video mirror 2 and video mirror 3 the way they are. those two are okay. just the video mirror 1 on your website for the trollvid players. and also can you fix the trollvid players in video mirror 1 on your website please? cause the trollvid players in video mirror 1 on your website started to have video/audio out of sync glitches. on your website. and reply me back at [email protected]

  47. lailaxxx says:

    Season 3 of black butler please

  48. watchdub says:

    @evan i just put it back but sorry at now that is only trollvid mirror i have so far

  49. evan corpuz says:

    hello again this is evan corpuz again from plano texas u.s.a.
    the trollvid players in video mirror 1 for the anime video tokyo mew mew dub episodes 1 through 26 still has video/audio out of sync glitches still on your website. so can you fix that problem please? and reply me back at [email protected]


    p.s. i’m sorry to bother you again because i want the trollvid players in mirror 1 to work better with no video/audio out of sync glitches on your website. so please fix them. and sorry to bother you again.

    from: evan corpuz from plano texas u.s.a.

  50. ashleigh says:

    You guys should get Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan – Demon Capital

  51. watchdub says:

    @evan as i reply above, sorry at now i dont have more trollvid miror for that series yet
    @ashleigh sure i will try to find link for it

  52. nathan says:

    why is it i go to watch a movie on her and sends me to another site just to find out it isnt Eng Dubbed ?

  53. Jcwtin says:

    hi i love how you provide dubbed anime.
    one thing that bothers me is commercials popping up during me watching. anyway i can get this to stop?

  54. Kash Smith says:

    So when you get a new anime does it push an older one out or not?

  55. Barry Wilson says:

    You can Download Emma a Victorian romance second act in ENGLISH DUD From FILEFACTORY And . And Kaichou Wa Maid Sama And Hayate the combat butler Plus last FAIRY TAIL up to ep 175 IN ENGLISH Dub At filefactory JUST search under IFA1 AND Think out side the box they are all there Try IFA1

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  58. Katherine Kneller says:

    PLZ get Free! Iwatobi Swim Club and Free! Eternal Summer!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!! :3

  59. sierra lanier says:

    I love say I love you but my friend cryed throught a little bit of it lol

  60. Wotanubis says:

    Is there nowhere I can find working links of Night Raid 1931?

  61. Z says:

    how can u download on this site

  62. tubby says:

    if you only put completed series on the website, why did you put half of the first season of Log Horizon? I would like the other 3/4 of the series

  63. DarkForther says:

    Captcha on Genres search not working

  64. dontae davis says:

    when are you going to add more dub fairy tail

  65. SubLover says:

    I was just wondering…I am currently at school so alot of anime/manga websites are blocked. I recently discovered this one about….2 weeks ago? Anyways is there another website like this but with Subbed anime?? Or if possible…could you make one?? :)

  66. Naruto uzamaki says:

    Anyway to get the devil may cry movie?

  67. Jiyu Li says:


    I am working for a display ad company that monetizes over 30 billions impressions monthly. I would like to know if you are selling banner inventory and the price for the inventory.

    Let me know please.

  68. Mur says:

    There is a spelling mistake for Naruto Shippuden, you spell it with two U

  69. Marian says:

    Could you guys add Ouran High School Host Club?

  70. Braden says:

    I really wish the video quality of could reach the same level of …
    It is the only reason I can’t switch from kissanime to watchdub. Even though I really really really love dub… But the quality of a video is in prerequisite…

  71. scott says:

    icant down load the videos of The Ambition of Oda Nobuna I have watched all the episodes I have tried different mirrors but all the players still wont let me down load them

  72. Bridget says:

    I don’t know if this is the right place to post this, but there’s something wrong with InuYasha episode 71. That’s definitely not episode 71, I think it’s actually episode 73 or 74. I was really confused when I started watching it because at the end of episode 70 it said the next episode would have Naraku wanting to re-absorb Muso or something like that. Then I start the next episode and it has Shiori in it, and she’s not supposed to have come in yet. (What I’m trying to say is that the episode is misplaced and it says it’s episode 71 when it’s not…)

  73. Guest #626 says:

    I would appreciate it very much if you could please add The Last Airbender seasons and also Legend of Korra (if this is possible)?

  74. arkell says:

    i was hopeing you could make it so we could make profiles and were we can make list of anime we like to whach and then we can know what we whached so on and so forth

  75. Lock says:

    Aquarion Evol please

  76. Dragonwolf says:

    I love your website, but at the moment it haas really been activating me. It keeps popping up with adds and takes me out of the site and the worst part is I can’t go back to where I was. So I have to hit back then go back by hitting some links and before you know it it happens again. Can you play stop the adds. I know that’s how you guys make money and all but seriously. Thank you for your consideration of what I wrote.

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  78. Marianna says:


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  79. liam starr says:

    freezing vibration is out and i would like to watch it sow if you can plesz get it and magi: the kingdom of magic. thank you.

  80. alyssa says:

    can you make the is this a zombie of the dead video’s work please

  81. Lucy says:

    Can you get black butler 3

  82. joe says:

    I called a technician because I kept getting a popup on my PC they looked at my PC through remote session and they said there was nothing wrong then they told me to contact you all to let y’all know y’all could have an infected site sorry for the earlier message it was a typo

  83. watchdub says:

    @joe some anti-virus ads may cause this. they send fake alert popup that your pc infect virus and invite you buy their anti -virus software. Just make sure that popup not come from your anti-virus software and ignore others. Sorry i just embed these video player, so i have no control over it ‘s ads

  84. Mark says:

    Hi I came across you guys and found it to be a great site that would fit very well into our Anime network. I am sure we can offer you a great price for the site! Let me know if you are interested.


  85. Naftali says:


    I notice you haven’t posted the dubbed anime Leviathan The Last Defense. It was formerly sub only, but the dubbed version just came out the first week of February. But no dub website has posted it yet. Can you please post it?

    Also, can you please post the Girls Und Panzers OVAs English dubbed?

    Thank you.

  86. Coby says:

    Could you guys do something about your adds. I love your site and all, but like a few other sites, you have video banner ads that make my Internet Explorer crash. Regular banner ads are great, but I can’t get three minutes into anything if there’s a video ad playing right below the actual video.


  87. Nick says:

    Hi I was curious if you guys do the english dubs yourself and hire people to voice act or if you just pull englished dubbed versions from other places? If you hire people I’d be interested to do some voice acting for you guys and I wanted to know how to get in touch with you about it?

  88. Icelord says:


    I don’t know what the deal is but today as I am trying to play Outbreak company the player is crashing constantly like every 3-5 min the task manager is telling me the site is getting up in the 600MB or more area before it crashes any idea on what might be wrong would be nice

  89. YessTheMess says:

    Hello. I have recently gotten into Kill la Kill. Is there anyway you can get the anime on this site? I love the site because you guys don’t make me register or have spam/pop ups when I watch videos.

    Feedback would be appreciated!!

  90. Fendrear says:

    Hi, all the mirrors you currently have for Neon Genesis Evangelion work fine on PC but I mostly watch on my tablet and each mirror has its own problems. First mirror won’t go full screen, second just takes me to another site and doesn’t play the video and the third just simply won’t play at all. You don’t need to fix it necessarily its just a minor inconvenience is all. I’m using an android tablet if that makes any difference.

  91. Author Known says:

    Hey ‘Dub!
    The English-dubbed, two-episode Sci-Fi Anime “To”, which includes “Elliptical Orbit” and “Symbiotic Planet”,has become impossible to find. It is produced by Oxybot and dubbed by Funimation.
    A couple of years ago Netflix carried it for a short while. Why they dropped this excellent Anime and yet retain many titles that someone there has grossly mistaken for actually being watchable entertainment, has become a burden in my attempts to understand.
    I’m not so arrogant as to assign an entitled relevance to my opinion of what constitutes good Sci-Fi Anime. However, it’s difficult to imagine “To” is that unpopular and unappreciated enough to be relegated to obscurity.
    Any chance of you Guys at Watchdub perpetuating your fine legacy of making significant contributions to mitigating and perhaps even reversing the Global erosion of our Human Culture, from the deteriorating standard of distraction-based stimuli, enabled by the increasing intrusions of Homogenized, bland abominations of intelligence-insulting media, reflecting a deficient capacity for profound thought, captivating poignancy and truly artistic creativity? Please?
    Sincerely~Thank you~AK

  92. tristan says:

    Chould you please add on some more but recent dubbed anime.

  93. Phoenix says:

    Hello! :) I just wanted to inform you that some of the anime can’t be watched on PC (like Ouran High School Host Club, Toradora and Fruits Basket, etc.) but can perfectly be watched on mobile. I don’t know what seems to be the problem. Can you please fix this. Also, I can’t download those anime but I can download Special A. I think it’s because it is in a diferrent video host (mp4upload). I’d also love to download those anime so maybe you could make them downloadable or change their video host to mp4upload. Mp4upload streams faster anyway. My last request is the official English dub of Kaichou wa Maid Sama. Could you please upload the official English dub for all the episodes of Kaichou wa Maid Sama and not jist the fan dub? I know they already released the official English dub. Thank you so much for all of your efforts. I really appreciate it. Please continue in uploading anime videos in HD/HQ. Have a nice day! :)

  94. cooksad says:

    The anti-spam captcha isn’t working in the genre search section.

  95. Dark Menece says:

    plesz add some thing new ,

  96. Shirah says:

    both mirrors 2,3 and 4 of kaichou wa maid sama of episode 15 are not working can you please fix them

  97. matthew says:

    When will you have highschool dxd born in english dub on here

  98. DARK MENECE says:

    some one put that we could watch anime some were elsh but iv bine watching anime on here for 4 years this web sit is the best one out of all others i tell my freinds about this all the time and i wont give an anime website to my freinds were it dose not work haft the time thats wiy i like
    its the best iv look’t at the other’s and they suck………

  99. Patrick says:

    Hello, I’ve been experiencing some problems with watching fairy tale, I had been watching every day then a couple days ago all of a sudden the videos won’t load on any of the mirrors. There seems to be new ads I don’t know if that could have something to do with it. Anyway I even went back and tried to watch episodes I’ve already viewed but was again unsuccessful. I don’t know if it’s just me, but my computer seems to be running fine with every other site I visit. Thank you for your time.

  100. emmie says:

    can you get ryona on here please?

  101. Origin says:

    All these stupid ads are making the videos laggy!

  102. shankstab says:

    I only watch anime dubbed, and your site and netflix are my only sources i use. netflix lets me down as they post a bunch of sub stuff. i would be greatful if you could add kill la kill.

  103. shankstab says:

    i would love to see KILL LA KILL added

  104. Bryan Jacop says:

    Hello There,
    I’m interested in advertising on your site. Could you direct me to the best person to get information on rates and explore available opportunities?

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  105. TJM1552 says:

    Drop king game site it’s a fucking pain in the ass U want people to watch not deal with bs right or is ur iq 10

  106. Stranger says:

    There are few viruses on your site. For example trojan downloader. Please fix this problem.

  107. sayemaldahar says:

    Add a search function to the site please think about it it would be useful to have such a handy feature…!

  108. Assaf says:

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    Why ?
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  109. barry wilson says:

    The world god only knows OVA 1 to 4 in English DUB . Can be downloaded from NYAA

  110. dark says:

    Wanna Be the Strongest in the World is laging too bad to watch dont know wuy but it is

  111. Bryan Jacop says:

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  113. dawson says:

    hi i love to watch fairytale here will it be coming out with more dub eps on june 30 thx fore your time

  114. dark menece says:

    there is a mailwere in this tv show that wants me to downlond some thing and i cant watch it tell its removed from the video found it on episde 5 and up dont know way you would post some thing that is a truet too every one’s labtops or desttops.

    • dark menece says:

      only resone it did not get me and i know about it is i have shatty on wich meens it acks me befor i downlond any thing.

  115. dark menece says:

    it wont downlond any thing with out acking me thats how i know about it

  116. barry wilson says:

    Nagi-Asu A Lull in The Sea . Will be released in English DUB on the 30 june . At Nicamerica .com

  117. barry wilson says:

    DayYou can download In English DUB From WWW . Emma a Victorian Romance And Living For The After Tomorrow

  118. fred cruz says:

    fariy tail is the greatest anime ever besides sao of course. Speaking of which can please put the second season of sao on watchdub plz.

  119. Alex says:


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    Please, get back to me and I’ll share the details.


  120. conor says:

    hi is there a way to get fairy tail season 7 on the website if ye don’t mind thanks

  121. barry wilson says:

    Once a week I go to . Anime Download site . To search under two key words . Dub then Dual You may find happiness

  122. Uzma Shaikh says:

    HI Team,

    I am Uzma, contacting you on behalf of AdCovenant, A global media buying/selling agency. We would like to monetize your display and video inventory outbidding your existing network partners specially for your Video inventory.

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  123. CroWman says:

    Can you post all 4 seasons of Avatar the Legend of Korra, both seasons of Angel Friends and both seasons of Wakfu

  124. barry wilson says:

    You can Download Season TWO of The story of saiunkoku . In English Dubbed . Very Rare From Under the Title Colorcloud Palace Season 2

  125. barry wilson says:

    You can download in English Dub . The World god only knows OVAs ep1 to 4 . From

  126. artemio says:

    Can you get The Irregular at Magic High School English dubbed

  127. SmashReload says:

    Assassination Classroom Episode 1 English Dubbed

  128. Geekdweebfreek says:

    Hey. Great Site! How DO I GO about downloading an episode?

  129. barry wilson says:

    Justanimestream site has The story of saiunkoku Season two in English Dub Your site Should get it

  130. barry wilson says:

    SORRY the story of saiunkoku season two . in English dubbed is at site

  131. Yarina says:

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  132. barry wilson says:

    Ep 27 ova1 of Kaichou Wa maid sama . In Engish Dub . you can get it from .. Plus Kissanine Has Ep 13 of Nakaimo my sister is among them in English Dub Under the Title Kono naka ni hitori ga iru

  133. Kylah Jackson says:

    Can You Get The Onther seasons on winx club

  134. ali says:

    naruto shippuden is not fully dubbed the only dubbed episodes are 294 only the full naruto episodes is 404 episodes

  135. ali says:

    and i think that is the fact to all dubbed anime bec i compare between subbed and dubbed

  136. menece says:

    i would like too watch sword art online 2 you do not have this one you can watch it on hulu but its not has good in sub as it is in dub if any one can fined it in dub you can .

  137. barry wilson says:

    You can Download Season 2 in English Dub of The story of Saiunkoku .. Under the .Title Colorcloud Palace from the site Download it . before all the SEEDS are gone This was Dubbed for animax Asia only This may NEVER get released in the USA in English Dub

  138. Slav says:

    I want to talk about the ads. Here

  139. watchdub says:

    @Slav what wrong with that ads ?

  140. Shahaf Kimhi says:

    I’m looking to advertise on your website..
    Please contact me on mail [email protected]

  141. Throat says:

    I like ur site but I do have a request, could it be possible to have a button on or next to the player, browser mod whatever to make the next episode in the series auto play? I’ve been rolling through Gundam 00 on my second monitor whilst playing some Mech warrior on the main and tho this would seem to be ideal situation, unfortunately the game crash’s every time I tab out and I know this happens with other games modern and old. perhaps you could even make it a members only feature an get paid :0 *ching* whatever it takes to make it happen. :)

  142. darkmenece says:

    out of all the ainme this mounth i like’t Fate Stay Night 2014 Dub the best and i do not say this offine.

  143. Kasuma says:

    Hey owner I’m gotta have ur we’d sit on my YouTube is that ok

  144. darkmenece says:

    the reson your not geting very many rateing on this Fate Stay Night 2014 Dub is that nextflix had this one be for you in dub.

  145. tiredindividual says:

    Can you upload the 2nd season of Sao, it’s shown way to late at night for me to be conscious when it’s running. Please and thank you.

  146. Łukasz says:

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  149. Andy says:

    how can i be a member or how can i comment on this?

  150. Desirae says:

    Plz add Tokyo ghoul back I can’t find it after you added nobnaga the fool

  151. Jonathan says:

    I am getting issues with my anti virus telling me your site is unsafe. Long time user of watchdub. The warning comes up when I try to watch Fairy Tail episode list and when I look at any of the episodes. Needless to say, I won’t be using the site until this is fixed. It was working perfectly last night, donnu what has changed since then.

  152. Memyselfandi says:

    Dont suppose you could add Hell Girl? I know the first season is dubbed, not sure about the second one. Thanks in advance. :)

  153. watchdub says:

    @Jonathan Google notice me that site infected malware. I just re-scan all site, nothing wrong on my site. Anyway i just contact site ads provider about this and also request Google to re-scan site again. Hope it will fix soon.
    @Memyselfandi it’s here

  154. Ben says:

    Just wondering if you guys know that FireFox is blocking your site as a “reported attack site”

    I still ignore the warning and come here anyway… but firefox is telling people that you downloaded malicious programs on peoples computer soooo… I dunnno what you wanna do about that, but I hope this site stays up so I’m just makin sure yuh know….

  155. watchdub says:

    @Ben thanks for report. Google just listed site as suspicious site. That why firefox blocked it. Anyway i just fixed this problem with google. Everything work fine now

  156. Jean says:

    Impressed with your site and want to partner up.
    An offer very hard to refuse that will take you to the next level.
    Add me to Skype or email me so we can discuss business.

  157. john says:

    pokemon indigo league episode 18 and 19 are the same

  158. Arctic_Howler says:

    Why is the Black Bullet comment option closed for the anime’s main page?

  159. watchdub says:

    @Arctic_Howler it should open now

  160. Steve says:

    i was thrilled to have found a web site that was nothing but anime and it worked for a while but now your site keeps wanting me to download flash players my computer is less than two months old i shouldn’t anything to make this site work.
    oh and i did try to download one it had 8 risks that my antivirus detected not to mention that is one site that will pop up and tells you that your computer is at risk and you cant shut it off i called the number and they wanted to remove my antivirus and replace it with one of there own i told them no that i would have geek squad look at it. i called geek squad and was told that it was a scam i will no longer visit this web site though it saddens me

  161. watchdub says:

    @Steve video player ussually contains ads on it. site just embed these video player, so i have no control over it’s ads. Anyway you don’t need to install anything in order to watch video on site.

  162. john says:

    can you add more then 6 season of pokemon i think there is alot more season then 6

  163. darkmenece says:


  164. francisco.n says:

    episodes mirrors all 4 not downloading the ambition of oda nabuna

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    • toadsage says:

      This recently posted comment I suppose should have been to to you most likely.
      Comment section
      Your newer pop-up adds [Nov.2015] are now technically attack adds. pop-ups while video is playing is garbage. NOT to be outdone, they are ALL red-&\or-black listed sites. Creep-ware & STDs for my computer. Your site is now low-end Hooker quality. Good job & Ada-boys all around.
      What a fuck-end waste. I enjoyed this sight. Goodbye.

  168. toadsage says:

    Your newer pop-up adds [Nov.2015] are now technically attack adds. pop-ups while video is playing is garbage. NOT to be outdone, they are ALL red-&\or-black listed sites. Creep-ware & STDs for my computer. Your site is now low-end Hooker quality. Good job & Ada-boys all around.
    What a fuck-end waste. I enjoyed this sight. Goodbye.

  169. toadsage says:

    Follow-up on recent above comment
    The chronic pop ups-New Windows- When opening, clicking etc. on any link is annoying but double.
    Now on the “player”
    when the enlarge button = New tab
    Start & pause on both screen button &\or bar at bottom= new tabs
    All but x1 thus far had not just the usual warnings of late but the full security suit(s)
    So if not technically you =watchdub then by your contract, too whomever.
    .- ps funding is always an issue. perhaps a donate bar will not hurt, or a more prevalent one. You may be surprised. granted maybe not the full bill but at least enough to dump the recent creeps of the last six months for breech of contract by endangering website & its customers.
    I Thank You, for up until now. I’ve had a mostly enjoyable experience viewing your library of Eng.Dub Anime.

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  171. jdlucree says:

    could you please fix your window settings so that whole player is visible it currently hides full-screen button. i’m tired of having to change it in page source every ep. an example is megas xlr ep 1

  172. Gal Cohen says:


    My name is Gal and I work at ironSource, a digital delivery giant with over 1000 publishers.
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  173. Corey Metheny says:

    Hi, I was wondering if you could add the anime “Shimoneta”. I was wanting at least the first season on here so I could get to know the show.

    Contact me if you find anything out!



  174. It's becoming in watchable says: is a spyware site. Every time I try to start a video on my iOS device the bs pops up. And I have to start all over. Then it pops up again 75 percent of the time. My friends n I want to watch videos, but we are unable to do so(why r we here then?). Also, I would never give business to these people don’t understand that u can’t force apps down people’s throats. U do that to an app u wanna ruin.(unless that’s what is up to?) when u force pop ups which prevent u from ur task, the apps being advertised gains infamy. So both & watch looses. Pay attention to who sponsor u. Or it’ll ruin ur goldmine(website)
    I’m gonna download those apps being advertised, just to give to horrible reviews. And deleting w/o even trying it.
    Please join my movement

  175. Mike Bae says:

    I was just wondering how you created this website. I want to make my own so I can post transcripts of animes. I am using the creator Wix but I think it is too complicated. It only has a drop header and I want to have one like on this site. I need it to be clickable so it can be easier to make and use.


  176. Garry Walton says:

    Naruto is the best ninja animated show ever I like it very very much I wish they would make more like that Little Drummer action funny comedy

  177. Tanya says:

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  178. tty0 says:

    Don’t open full screen in any video mirrors

  179. neha says:

    i want justirisers english dubbed episodes

  180. Mockingjay097 says:

    Watchdub no longer lets me watch anime in my phone. I’ve tried watching a variety of different animes but they all just do the same thing. When I click on the episode is like to watch instead of bringing me to the episode it brings me straight to an ad website. I’m very mad because all I want to do is finish death note. It works fine on all my other devices but not my phone. I’d really like this problem to be fixed and I know it is happening to me and my friend. Thank you.

    • Balmung says:

      Yeah, scrolled up from just posting my own concerns about the excessively aggressive ad-redirects on my mobile. I can’t believe this has been going on for a month, hopefully someone can look into this.

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  182. Tracy Mills says:

    Please upload “Dimension W” and “Parasyte – The Maxim” to Thank You!

  183. kirstin says:

    can you guys add snow white with the red hair episodes 1-18 english dub and ajin season 1 episodes?

  184. casualwatcher says:

    PLease remove arkvid as your first video mirror, it’s so annoying listening to 5 minute song before watching my show… 12 episodes is an hour of that fucking song please fix it ASAP

  185. Lama Kanj says:

    Hi there!

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  186. bobkelso says:

    Hi i am posting to let the admin or admins know I tried to acces the site with firefox today and it blocked it as a web forgery. you might want to do something if you can.

  187. Steven says:

    Hello Nice site thanks

    anyways just wanted to let yall now your site might have some sort of Malicious software I had Google Chrome blocking you site and had to turn that function off to get to it also have Malwarebytes Anti-Malware blocking stuff from you site just wanted to let you now..I don’t think it anything series

  188. watchdub says:

    Thanks for notice me. Some tricky ads displayed on site. Google see these ads as phising ads. Anyway i have already removed these ads and asked google to review site again. Everything works fine now

  189. Crystal says:

    Hi can you please add
    Cross Ange: Tenshi to Ryuu no Rondo

  190. Balmung says:

    Just a heads up guys – I don’t block your ads for your website because I really like what you’ve done providing dubbed anime. But you really should screen some of those same ads please. I couldn’t watch any videos (especially on Sky Wizards Academy) because of some deeply imbedded code which redirects me straight to the App Store. When that stuff forces you into the install page of another casino app before that can even touch the play button on the video, people will be forced to block ads on your site or just quit altogether.

    Your website is great so please take this into serious consideration. Thank you.

  191. Connor G Petersen says:

    can you edit the search engine so that it will show all related to the search and the search like if i search harem it will show all the harem not just one. and can you add Zero no Tsukaima, and Dakara Boku-ha H ga Dekinai, and Jitsu wa Watashi wa and lastly Shinmai Maou no Testament. I know it is alot to get but it will certainly raise your stuff and why are so many adds always popping up? Any way i know if you get these not only i will be happy but many others will be too. Thanks for listening or reading i guess.

  192. Crotaku says:

    Could you add Heavy Object anime?

  193. Tracy Mills says:

    your whole website is messed up and needs a complete repair, it won’t let me watch any anime shows which is very depressing.

  194. Shinobi says:

    Could you add Gravity Falls and Hot Wheels Battle Force 5

  195. Bee-ing says:

    Can you add Dan Doh anime?

  196. Giitara says:

    Will corpse party ever be posted?

  197. B says:

    The adverts that just popped up at me are disgusting and I had a younger sibling right beside me which I felt mortified that they saw trash like that!

  198. Ray Tang says:

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  200. LadyVoid says:

    how do we submit a show with links to you?

  201. sab says:

    Maria the Virgin Witch Dub Has the wrong description; should be something like ”


    In the time of the Hundred Years’ War, a young and powerful witch known as Maria leads a reclusive existence. Shunned by the church – but beloved by certain locals – Maria endeavors to use her magic to bring an end to the warfare she so despises. She assists people of all walks of life with the help of her two familiars: a succubus and an incubus with great powers of seduction. Though she seeks only peace, the archangel Michael despises her use of magic to interfere in human affairs and decrees that should she ever manage to lose her virginity, Maria’s powers will vanish! To ensure that Maria no longer mingles magic with humans, Michael sends the angel Ezekiel to keep a watchful eye on the virgin witch. Don’t miss this intriguing tale of magic, war, and sexual politics from Production I.G. and the director of Code Geass! “.

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  205. shank says:

    i’ve used your site for years and alwas suggest it to my friends and family as the best place to go. i was wanting to watch an anime that was dubbed but isnt on your site yet, i know you are busy with lots of uploads requests probably . if you would find it for me i would appriciate it , the anime is called Seraph Of The End Vampire Reign.
    thank you for your time and for keeping the website up and running

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  208. Tyrnus says:

    Hi, I’m just a regular visitor to your sites, primarily
    I just wanted to point out that Episode 02 is linked as episode 01, and vice versa, at least as far as the 4th tab is concerned. Just figured you might like to be told early, as opposed to finding out later. I apologize if I’m just being a bother over a minor detail.

  209. Otaku says:

    you need to remove the video ads below the video players, they interfere with video playback and load times, as the ads play they make the video laggy and while attempting to load videos the video player gets glitchy due to so much data attempting to stream at the same time, banner ads wont affect the video players but video ads do due to the fact that they are streaming through the same video software on your computer.

    • Otaku says:

      also sometimes the anime will stop loading altogether due to the ads, so you see video ads are a serious detriment to streaming sites when you have them on the page with the player.

  210. Shawn Fiala says:

    this was one of the best anime’s i have seen in a while. this one is most definitely one of my top 10 animes wish there was more to this it was just that good this it a must see anime

  211. Amanda Mullins says:

    I was wondering if your gonna get Yuri! on Ice. There is a Dub to it. And I would like to watch it along with some friends. I tried other sites but they have alot of Ad’s and I like this site for watching videos. I was hoping you might consider Yuri! on Ice.

  212. Natalia D Abate says:

    Hello team,

    We are currently buying video inventory from through a third party provider. We are seeing good performance with you and I’m writing to understand if you’d be open to a direct relationship.

    As I said we’re seeing a really high % of coverage and we don’t have our most premium demand connected, so I really think that we have potential.

    Please, let me know your thoughts, I’ll be looking forward to your message.


  213. Scarlet says:

    Why is it when you turn off the lights the next episode link won’t show but the stupid ratings still are lit

  214. Bleachfan says:

    Site is not working, cannot watch any videos. Hitting play will result in a pop up virus. Please fix.

  215. Bardor says:

    Several of Megaman nt warrior axess has wrong or the same video file for several of the episodes if it makes any diffrences im using google chrome version 58.0.3029.33 beta.

  216. narutoshippudenfan says:

    hi bros, can u pls tell me when watchdub team will upload the rest of the dubed episode of naruto shippiden?? if someone tell me I will be much obliged

  217. Paul says:

    Can we get Invader Zim, please? I haven’t been able to watch it since 2004 when I was 9 years old and I would love to watch it again.

  218. neal says:

    UPLOAD PLEASE ” another anime ” thank in advance

  219. neal says:

    UPLOAD PLEASE ” another anime ” thanks in advance

  220. Yadukrishna says:

    Can you guys uplode the english version of the anime named “yamada and the seven witches”.. i like that anime.i search this anime everywhere but could’nt find.
    So plz upload that anime..

  221. Boyo says:

    I can’t watch any videos because of the virus advertiser so pls do something

  222. Callum Known As TheXTernals says:

    one small update extend the page No and make it so the page a bit more longer…….

  223. bkob says:

    why do 80 percent of the mirrors not work

  224. red says:

    1. lupin III isn’t working
    2. yall need an email this shits a mess

  225. Sarah says:

    So i hve watched sailor moon up to Episode 106 and when i go to watch episode 107 it will not play at all what gives?

  226. Will says:

    when you go to watch an episode of bleach (all episodes) the page will load for a bit then redirect to before any mirrors can load.

  227. Craig says:

    As I clicked on Appleseed XIII episode 1, it would open to the page of your video selection portal then immediately went to asking if I wanted to purchase this website. It did not allow me the opportunity to click on any other possible video site. What can be done?

  228. Michael says:

    I’m trying to watch naruto and every time I click an ep it takes me to need help

  229. Concerned User says:

    Watchdub as a user of your site, I ask that you listen to the people complaining about this problem that is seriously hindering your website,it is for the best interest for everyone because it is causing all your shows to be un viewable.
    thank you from a Concerned User

  230. BigBangMan says:

    Can you add Castlevania and Voltron: Legendary Defender?

  231. irritated user says:

    so i go to snow white with the red hair season 1 and it takes me to this thing saying buy domain at or some stuff like that and yea thats obviously not gunna happen….this is an issue with few others so far that ive read so ik its not just me and it needs to be fixed

  232. boris says:

    when i want to watch naruto shippuden on ur site…it redirects me to site named “”and it says to buy the domain… i really want to finish it…pls help

  233. Sariah says:

    Every time I try to watch my anime it keeps sending to another website. I don’t know if this is a new thing, but I don’t want it their anymore. I want to be able to watch my anime.

  234. Shelly Shocke says:

    Seems I’m not the first to notice the vidcrazy redirect. It appears so far on Bleach (as previously stated), Kimpossible, at least one episode of Inu x Boku, and for Tokyo Ghoul. Seems to be attached to more and more anime, but not for every link it seems.

  235. Mae says:

    I dunno if you take requests but if you could get “The Three Musketeers” or “Nobody’s boy Remi” that’d be awesome. There probably wouldn’t much hype for such old animes but it’d blossom as great joy in my ever aging heart.

  236. Sariah says:

    So every time I want to watch ANY anime series, it always sends me this ‘Aliso Viejo’. It’s some award thing but it pops up all the time. And when I try to use the other mirrors, they don’t work. I just want to be able to watch my anime. Please help!

  237. Tina Burger says:

    I’m having problems watching shows on this website while I’m using my mobile device to do so. Each time I tap out of an add, it pops up on another screen saying I have viruses. Can I get some help on how to handle this?

  238. sourabh gautam says:

    please dub the school days anime

  239. UberGhost1161 says: is using 98% of my cpu?

    Just scrolling for some new anime is no problem, but every time I select an anime and the episode I’d like to watch. My cpu usage goes to a 100%! I really like this site so I always leave it open in one of my brower tabs, so I can continue from my last episode whene I have time. But thats now impossible now cuz my pc starts to get really slow and even crashes from time to time. So I was forced to remove the tabs. I’v also tried switching browsers, but nothing changed.

    Does anyone have the same issue? Has there been a recent update to the site?

  240. Thatguy says:

    The captcha for the genre search isn’t working. The captcha is []-7=0 but when I put in a 7 it tells me I put in the wrong answer.

  241. Morgan says:

    if i select an episode on some animes it forwards me straight to an ad page for example ReLIFE, Aquarion Logos and many other animes.

  242. Ninjasoncrak says:

    I wish to know how to download episodes that do not have the download option as i want to watch them at a later date instead of online.

  243. Celina Lee says:

    Hello there,

    I am Celina, Account Manager from Netlink GCPP – Google Certified Publishing Partner.

    Our advertisers are interested in your website inventory. Do you have available inventory for sale at the moment?

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  244. Ashwani yadav says:

    Many video can not downloaded by this website

  245. Max says:

    When I try to watch some anime I get redirected to how do I stop this from happening? I have adblockers, and have cleared my cookies, and dont see any viruses. Is it on your site?

  246. Vahab says:

    .Me and my friends want to watch darling in the franxx dubbed in this site so please upload it thank you

  247. Hillbilly says:

    on Chivalry of a Failed Knight Dub you cant go to half the episodes without it redirecting you to another site so you cant watch the anime

  248. Sagiv says:


    I am looking to get in touch with the appropriate person on your end who can make advertising decisions.

    Can you please advise?


  249. Ali says:

    Can you please get DARLING in the FRANXX? I would love to see it!!!!

  250. WeeGee says:

    I’d love to see this website get updated and fixed with the video mirrors. I can’t watch some of my shows!

  251. FukYou says:

    This is the worst site I have ever used none of your links work all 4 links for every video don’t work and there is no button to report broken links so I think this is a completely broken website please take this site down immediately and fix every link before you try to do something that you are incapable of doing like running a website your site is trash and so are you kill yourself.

  252. joshua glover says:

    Hello :)

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  254. Christopher J. Donnelly says:

    I’ve enjoyed this site to stream anime for a long time. About 7 or 8 months ago, I started to watch something and mr security advised against it. But I went ahead and watched. I ended up with a virus that ruined my PC. I got it fixed and the adviser says the same about every single thing. Why can’t I watch anything anymore? I prefer this site over the others because it’s the most up to date. I love it!!! I Hate that I can’t watch anything…

  255. Sladen says:

    Can you please add armed girls machiavellism Eng dub since it is released and is now streaming on Hidive,thank you

  256. Mia says:

    Can you add the HD versions of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir season 1?

  257. Ramesh mali says:

    Please add Beyblade burst episodes.

  258. Sean says:

    Hi watchdub team,

    My name is Sean and I am part of the Growth team here at Playbuzz. Your site looks like a fit for our recently launched Stream partnership program. Our player enhances your page with relevant, custom-made video content while also delivering ads from leading demand partners to earn you a new ad revenue stream. It’s easy to take part: Would love to explain further at your convenience.

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    • ColdAMV says:

      Hello i am ethical hacker
      I see that your website is not secure, this is the big problem you can faced because when your visitors see that in your website first they don’t trust the website and they don’t want spent a lot of time so This affects the credibility of the site and more things make visitors won’t spent a lot of time in your website so if you interested i can help you make it secure and more Authenticity.

  259. Samuel says:

    Can you please add the testament of a sister new devil season 2 Burst, please!! It’s out now. Thank you so much!

  260. Tim says:

    Your site sucks

  261. Toms Antony says:

    Please upload A certain magical index season 2 and season 3 episode

  262. Luke says:

    I’m having trouble watching episodes of Yu Yu Hakusho because whenever I click on any of the episodes it directs me to an ad asking me to and asking me to buy this domain. There is no return to site option. May you please fix this?

  263. CrazyHillbilly says:

    cant watch hajime no ippo because the first player has a bad page that redirects you to to try to get you to buy the domain could you fix it

  264. LittleFeet says:

    Hello, can you please find out what is wrong with the video mirrors on this site and if possible, fix them?

  265. Walter J Neumann says:

    How Not to Summon a Demon Lord is not there, I am wondering if someone will look into it. I have been looking forward to watching this anime in english.

  266. Kirito_deathbringer says:

    there alot of anime where it shouldn’t be and alot of anime you don’t have. alot of the video mirrors are not working.
    are ya low on staff ? cause things get added(new anime/updated)
    since you was on .com and not .co need any help ?

  267. Toms Antony says:

    Boruto episodes please

  268. L says:

    Please add SEASON 2 Of 3D kanojo real girl English DUBBED ALL Episodes not just 6 please

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